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just a little advice on making....


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I could use alittle advice on how to write a sneeze fic, but I also want to make a request, o never mind to scared to make request... just want help making my first sneeze fic

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I wonder if you can give some idea as to what sort of advice you're looking for? Because KawaiiKitty loves giving advice but you don't want her to start rambling on some general topic because she'll keep going for five years without stopping, oh yes. So, to narrow it down, what exactly kind of help are you looking for?

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not totally sure it would be my first sneezefic so I have no clue what to write, or ho to write it... I guess something that people would really love.

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Ah, what the heck. I've never passed up a chance to pontificate out of my tocus before, why start now? :nohappy:

Obviously the first thing you need is a character. Once that's chosen, you need to figure out how he's going to sneeze (there's a whole range of options, just check out serotica). This could be related to what comes next, which is what makes him sneeze. Then comes plot. Yes, plot comes fourth in a sneezefic. That doesn't mean it's not necessary. Typically you don't want the plot to focus around the character sneezing unless it's a care-giving style one (the type where a character is sick or whatever, and another character takes care of them). What you usually want to do is write a story that features copious amounts of sneezing, not a story about copious amounts of sneezing. If that makes any sense.

Hm, I think I'll stop myself now, before I'm mistaken for an expert or something :) Hope that was helpful! :wub: On the off-chance it was, I'd be glad to offer more advice, if you thought you could use it.

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I'm a dork and I tell people to write what *THEY* like and are passionate about. The stories that I like the best are ones that you can tell that the writer is connected to.

I think that if you write something (situation, character, etc, etc) that you really like then you can really see it in your mind and just tell the rest of us what you are seeing. It makes it really Real.

Besides, then you'll like it and you'll have fun with it.

Have fun! ;)

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As a writing coach, I always recommend that a writer read and observe pieces that he or she likes, and see how they're put together. I'd give you the same advice, as far as structure and style go -- and then write about what excites or interests you.

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