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Best 24 hours in a long time (F) obs


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I dont know if it being my birthday the sneeze gods were looking down on me or what, but the 24 hour period between this past Monday and Tuesday gave me three great female obs......and obs have been few & far between for me as of late so to get three in 24 hours was a real treat.

Observation 1:

Occured approximatly 4:30pm Monday 3/26 I was walking through the mall and looking directly at two girls working in one of those small jewlery stores, not the big type like Helzberg, Zales, ect this is one of those small stores that are located in the middle of the malls sort of like a island rather than a big store with its own entrance......ohhhh anywayssss enough with that I am sure you guys get the idea...... on to the good part.

Like I was saying there were to girls working in this booth the sneezer was maybe 25 and a big girl, not overweight per say just a big boned girl blond and about 5'10 with a pretty cute face. She was facing directly in my direction with me being no more than 15 feet away when suddenly with no warning at all she lets loose with a huge HHHHAAARRRRRSSSSHHH-CCHOOO with the first part of the sneeze sound very deep and wet, almost "crispy" (if that makes any sense), and the choo part was very high pitched. Needless to say i stopped in my tracks, and sorta steeped to the side out of direct view to see if any more sneezes were to follow, unfortunaly that was not the case, but she did keep rubbing her nose for a few minutes until finally she gave in grabbed a tissue and gave a powerful & wet blow.

Observation 2:

Occured approximatly 5:15pm Monday 3/26 still in the mall I was standing at an ATM machine waiting for my money to pop out while two young very I mean very pretty girls 18-19 maybe 20 years old walked up to my left waiting for me to get done with the ATM so they could take thier turns when the one girl with long dark curley hair about 5'5 with a body that could stop a train in its tracks says out loud "achoo" giggles a second and lets rip one of the largest loudest sneezes I have heard in a long time something like AAAASSSSHHHHHHH which sounded even louder echoing through the open space of the mall. Not feminine sounding at all other than it being a bit higher pitched because of her female voice......she then put her right hand up to her chest, as if the sneeze hurt, and said "I hate when they come out like that" her friend said "did it hurt?" the sneezer responded while waving her righthand in a circular motion over her head "no, it was just sooooo loud"

Of course I being no more than 5 feet had to say "bless you" which was acknowledged by a huge smile, watery eyes, and a cheerful thank you.

Observation 3:

Tuesday 3/27 maybe 5:00pm I was walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot towards my car, while a you early 20's girl long straight blond hair, average body about 5'5 was walking in my direction. At this point she was about 30 feet from me when she lets go with a pretty big totally uncovered AAARRRRAAASHHHOOOO. The sneeze was big enough to cause her to bend at 3/4 at the waist but she never mised a stride and kept walking in my directon while about 5 seconds passed and she was not within a few feet of when when she tilted her head back and flared her nostriles so wide I felt like I could walk right up into them....LOL, she then let go with a second louder and harsher HAAARRRAAAASHHHHAAA which again bent her at the waist. She never once looked directly at me, never missed a stride in her step and acted as though the sneezes had no effect on her. I looked right at her face the nostrils of her nose were red, eyes very watery, and had a look on her face like the two sneezes took something out of her. I blessed her, she never looked at me, but did respond with a very very "thanks" almost coming acrossed like "dont bother"

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Happy Birthday! Thanks for sharing your "gift" with us. Those were great obs; I'm a big fan of loud female sneezing, and you really hit the jackpot! I hope your lucky streak keeps up!

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