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At least there was sneezing


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So.... sheesh yesterday I had 6 hours of statistics (we're making up for hours that they cut down and we managed to force them to give us back *fake cheer*) and man that was a total drag, it took forever, the room was too crowded (guess they didn't expect such a big turn up) and if I wasn't already sick (ugh... as usual, the wrong kind of sick and at the worse timing possible.. in case you're wondering absolutely no sneezing so far...) then I would have been panicking the entire time because we had the windows shut most of the time and we had one too many sick girls in class... eeew, germs! :unsure:

So there was some and some sneezes from here and there, can't complain really, but my god there was this one girl... meow, I was mesmerized. I've seen her sneeze before, she's tall, dark blonde hair, she reminds me a bit of Molly Price (who plays Faith Yokas on Third Watch) for some reason.

Right so she's sitting the row before mine to the left and she sneezes ones into the palm of her hand, a kick dainty "Heetsh" which was nothing out of the ordinary (since there were plenty of sneezes around and like I said I've seen her sneeze before) BUT what followed was absolutely brilliant, if anyone would've been selling tickets to witness that I'd say I had a fairly good sit for my money ;) she still looked sneezy, really sneezy. She held her hand in front of her face and breathed shallow breathes trying to get it out... her mouth was open, eyes fluttering, and she's breathing in and out really looking focused. 2 seconds of this go by till her eyes gaze up towards the light (and I'm thinking "go photic go! go photic go! :lol:) and you can see she's really bothered by this tickle, her attention dedicated only to it and to trying to sneeze it out. I was loving it, it was downright hypnotic. So what happens next? she gives up... awwww... so close... I mean you can see it forming... it was so almost there... she rubbed her nose quickly and decided to move on.

But! phew it has a happy ending, about 15 minutes later she repeated the pre-sneeze performance (only with much more ease) and sneezed another quick "heetsh". Hurray!

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I LOVE watching people in that wonderful tortured sneezy situation ;)

Thank you for sharing it's been a while since I have seen such a wonderful sneeze :unsure:

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Great obs Army-Girl!!!!!! although those great build ups sometimes leave us without a sneeze and a huge disappiontment, sometimes seeing a sneezers attention totally dedicated to the tickle is just mezmerizing

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