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Allergies abound... (F and M)


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Spring = lots of pollen = lots of people sneezing! And talking about sneezing! Rockin.

Three days ago: The boyf and I are driving somewhere, and we are stopped at a stoplight. "See those things, right there?" He says pointing at the beautiful row of forsythia bushes. "Those are the allergy plants. They make me sneeze."

"But they're pretty?" I offered, smiling. He scrunched up his nose and said "Too much pollen."

Two days ago: My boyfriend and his roommates and I are outside in their backyard. We're sitting on tree stumps, talking about whatever, when suddenly my boyfriend EXPLODES with three really loud sneezes-- "HurrrAAASSHOOOO!!! HurrrASSHHOOOO!! HUrrASHHOOO!!!" We look at him with raised eyebrows, and bless him. "Damn, that kinda hurt!" He exclaimed. He was sniffly and congested for the rest of the evening, but no more sneezes. :innocent:


Yesterday: Boyf and I are sitting on his porch. Out of nowhere he explodes with a really loud sneeze "HURRRRASSSHHOOOO!!!" I bless him, ruffling his hair. "Ouch, i felt like i screamed that! My sneezes have been getting like that recently, you know? Really loud and strong. I think its because of the allergies." Ahhhh, he is so cute! I wanted to talk about that for the rest of the night, but of course felt too uncomfortable to even respond to it, so I changed the subject. He was sniffly and stuffed up the rest of the night, but no more sneezes :blushing:

Yesterday: Out getting dinner with a friend-- I lived with her last year, and she has great, cute little sneezes, and horrible year round allergies. I mean i'm friends with her for other reasons too, but that certainly was a huge plus! :lmfao: Anyway, so we're walking to the cafe, and she sneezes three times in a row, "Huhh--icchhhhoo! Huh-ichoo! huh-ichoo!" She always takes a cute little breath before she sneezes. When she sneezes, she kind of scrunches up her face and shakes it, almost like a puppy. After the three sneezes, she shrugged and said "Alleriges"-- I blessed her and we kept talking. It was a nice night, so we requested to sit outside. The girl sneezed NINE times! NINE times! Almost in a row! She first sneezed a double, and then had this really sneezy look on her face. I was in the middle of a sentence, and stopped talking because I could tell another sneeze was coming, and she wasn't listening... and i really wanted to watch! The third sneeze was an AMAZING production! She took about four pre-sneeze breaths, and raised both her hands to her mouth to catch the "huhh--IHHCHOOO!!" A much more forceful sneeze than she usually has. I blessed her, and we started talking again. About two minutes later, she sneezed three more times, all pretty small/cute in size and power. After those three, she said "Wow, I've been sneezing in threes tonight! That's so funny. I think my allergies are going nuts because I've been outside all day, and I haven't showered yet. And I think that big tree over there isn't helping." She said pointing to a large tree covered with white blossoms. I nodded sympathetically, not knowing what to say. Then, lucky me, she annouced that her nose was itching! "I'm gonna sneeze...." she breathed, and had just enough time to cover her mouth before three more quick "huh-Ihh-Choo"s over took her. After that set, she said to me, "Do you mind if we move inside? I'm going to be sneezing through the whole dinner if we sit out here."

I reluctantly agreed. :blushing:

Once we moved inside, her sneezes definitely calmed down, but I was lucky enough to get about two more good, solid sneezes with plenty of buildup during the dinner. The poor girl must have been really allergic to whatever's blooming outside, because almost immediately when we walked out of the restaurant, she sneezed another triple! She laughed and said "I hope i'm not bothering you with all my sneezing tonight!" I told her of course she wasn't.... Little did she know! On the walk home, she only sneezed two more triples, the last one right in front of her door.

I blessed her, and she said "Thanks... I'm going inside to blow my nose and take a shower, and hopefully stop all this sneezing.... All though after a day like today, I'm sure I'm going to be sneezing through my SLEEP." Oh man! I was wishing I could have been a fly on that wall!!!

Lots of great sneezes. I've got to plan another outing with that friend! Maybe we could go on a walk through a field of wild flowers.... Or plant a garden.... :laugh: Hopefully more to come!

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Mmmmeow! that was a fabulous read, thanks for sharing :blushing: luck (are pollen) are definitely on your side :blushing: enjoy the rest of the season and keep us posted will ya? :innocent:

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Mmmmmm, yummy! Sounds like your boyfriend has some really nice sneezes. You are one lucky lady! Enjoy! And thanks for telling us all about it. :D

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