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obs and self obs


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To start off, I just got a job at a flower shop and worked my second day today. Already see where this is going? I work with all adults except for one girl about my age that comes in just Saturdays. She arrived a couple hours after me, saying that she was late because she wasn't feeling well. Obviously having a cold she sneezed quite a lot the rest of the day, oftentimes in doubles. When I was talking to her later she said that the flowers are also bothering her allergies (then why work here..?). Throughout the rest of the day I heard snippets of cold and allergy talk, but sorry guys I can't remember any details... I'm not into female sneezing so I didn't pay much attention.

I was hardly near this girl all day but when I got home I kept sneezing and having an itchy nose. To make matters worse, I was forced to go to my grandma's house which has something in the air that always gets me going. Arrgh.. with family. I kept sneaking off to the bathroom to blow my nose and freely let out a sneeze. Already my throat is a little sore though, so I think I'm getting a cold afterall. :heart:

My obs are never too interesting, thanks for reading!

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bah. Not everybody needs the hot & heavy, really involved and descriptive obs. Besides, I see the obs people write as a way of getting to know *their* thoughts and feelings better (esp. about the fetish, but other than that as well).

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