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ok, so like many other ppl out there with this fetish, i dnt get turned on by family sneezes, in fact i'm repulsed by them, lol. so i figured that if i wznt going to get any enjoyment from my older brothers sneezes, i mite as well post this so the rest of yall could get some, so here it goes.

me and my mom had been fighting a lot lately, so my brother came and picked me up so we could hang out with a few of our friends. we go out to eat at the restraunt and while my brother is ordering from the waitress (who was a terrible effin waitress by the way!), he turns away and stifles a sneeze into the corner of his arm, it was audible but not really loud. my friend and the waitress both said bless you, he said thank you and continued ordering. after the waitress left he turned to me and said, "did that turn you on?" (my older brothers and my mother all know about my fetish bc when i was younger and wz trying to figure out my fetish i started asking questions. i no, i'm a retard) i was like, "um, ewww no way! ur my brother." he just grinned and said, "yeah sure." i flipped him off and we talked no more of it.

then later when we were leaving the restaraunt in the car and my brother was reaching across me for the cigarettes i looked at him and found his nostrils flaring and his eyes start to close, i looked away from him and kinda gave him a push cuz i didn't want to get sneezed on. he turned away from me quickly and sneezed rather violently, "AAPTCHOO!" it was kinda wet and nasty and my friend who was sitting in the back was like, "umm...that was kinda gross." and i laughed.

l8r we were in Hollister cuz my friend wanted to go in there and my brother stiffled a few sneezes and complained that it smelled liike someone put on too much cologne in there.

and then l8r in the car he sneezed again a really loud and nasty, "HWAAPTCHOO!" into his hand. my friend in the back was like, "DAMN!" cuz it wz loud and nasty or w/e. and my brother kinda groaned and said, "GD!" of course he said the actually words, lol.

i hope yall enjoyed this, cuz i certainly didn't. lol, but w/e.

p.s my brothers 19, so those of you who don't like reading about ppl who are under 18, ur in luck!

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Um, the sneeze into the corner of his arm was really nice! And i love it how in the restaurant, he covered and tried to stifle, but when you guys were in the car, he let them out. So, sorry, but yes, I enjoyed the obs from your brother. Okay? Thanks for sharing!

*OFF TOPIC* Oh, and don't those stores all reek of cologne anyway? Even if no one inside is wearing any? I know that Ambercrombie & Fitch smells when I even pass by it at the mall. Just curious! I think I'd like to take your brother shopping sometime. :D

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thanks for the obs!! i LOVE stifling into body parts!

*shifty grin* can we all go out to eat sometime??

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:D u guys r funny! and yeah Sneesee, all those stores really do smell like cologne! its awful, thats just one of the many reasons i h8 going in them.
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