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Getting boyfriend past a mental block


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So, I told my dear boyfriend Salmon (6'3", brown hair, an extremely cute and bespectacled nerd) about my interest in sneezing. Normally he's a fairly sneezy guy, at least one every few days. However, from the time I've told him about it (Monday night) to today, he hasn't sneezed once. He got really close a whole bunch of times, pre-sneeze face and everything, but something seemed to be stopping him from letting it out. We've spent nearly every hour of the past few days together, and his allergies were acting up a bit the past few days...you'd think I'd have gotten something. Apparently not, as he apparently sneezed less than a minute after I left the room for a bathroom break. And then told me - aah, frustration :lol:

I asked him about it today. Why hasn't he been able to sneeze? He said he hasn't been holding it back, and that a lot of times he really did want to sneeze, but for some reason couldn't. I think he unconsciously ended up with a mental block against sneezing in my presence, probably because I told him about my interest. So, we decided to set some time aside to get him past this block.

He told me the other day that hitting him in the nose was a sure-fire way to get him to sneeze. Umm, let me say, that a couple of good nose-whacks and light punches later, the result was only him whimpering and begging me not to hit him anymore :wheels:;;

So, we decided to try dust. My bookshelves are never dusted, so I took a sock and started to knock the dust into the air. I then started waving the dusty sock in front of him...a couple false starts, but still no good! So then I started waving a dusty My Little Pony tail in front of his nose. Still nothing...poked him with a Q-Tip...nothing. His eyes started watering when I sprayed two types of hairspray in the air, but still nothing...

He asked me if I had pepper. I said yes, yes I did - it happened to come with some salt I bought for cooking. At this point he's found the whole fiasco extremely entertaining, and is willing to keep going 'til we get something. So, he takes the black pepper from me and starts waving the container in front of his nose. He practically inhales the stuff. Suddenly he blinks and starts coughing - his nose is burning! I told him to stop, as it obviously wasn't going to work. At this point I was kind of curious as to whether the pepper would work or not, so I held it close to my nose and...well, actually, I've never tried making myself sneeze before, and heaven knows I haven't ever played with pepper. So I asked him, "how do you do this?" Well, I tried sniffing near it, but just ended up with a large patch of pepper on, not in, my nose :); Apparently I looked pretty silly. But, neither he nor I sneezed.

He knows I come to this forum (but has no desire to come here himself to pry - actually, he encouraged me to post this story!) and I remembered that there was a list of inducing techniques. So, we're reading through the list. "Pepper...nope. Q-tip...nope." Then we saw the rolled-up tissue method. He was a little ashamed to be sticking things up his nose, so he turned away from me. A minute later...


A deep, strong sneeze. Kind of loud, and lower than his normal voice. (Finally!)

I turn my head and look over at Salmon, who looks extremely proud of himself and fairly relieved. We looked at each other for a few seconds, then burst out laughing. "See how much I care for you?" he asks. Yes, he will do just about anything to make me happy. Even putting up with extremely ridiculous sneeze torture for 30 minutes! I feel bad for having put him through all that, even though he's laughing about it now. And while I prefer spontaneity, it's good to know he is indeed able to sneeze in front of me after all! (Now, can he do it again without my help?)

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Um, yeah, my husband had this very same thing happen after I told him about my fetish. Only it lasted a lot longer! :wub: And he refuses to try the tissue method, and I think I scared him with it when I tried to do it for him. Oh well! Glad you guys found something that works, and very ahppy for you that he's willing to try to indulge you. Sounds like a keeper to me!! Thanks for sharing! Really nice obs! :D

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Oh! You both are so adorable! :D This post had me chuckling at a few parts.

Hopefully he'll get over his mental block without so much work in the future. But he's awesome to be willing to do that for you!

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Lovely and hilarious, and what fun you're both having; it's a really encouraging story,and an excellent way to beat the monster of stage-fright.

I strongly suspect that if you give it a couple more goes, the sneezes will come much more easily for both of you. Blowing pepper and the like into the air rather than sniffing it is the keynote; and if a solid inducing iron is acceptable, I still like matchsticks.

In any case, it sounds as if there is lots of naughty fun to come.

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