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Sneezy Sonic and Tails!


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Okay, I forgot who requested this but whoever it is that wanted sneezy Sonic and Tails, this is for you. Sorry it took so long!

It's not coloured. I couldn't get Sonic's blue colour quite right and if I can't do it exactly right I won't do it at all. And I think we can all tell I am far more used to drawing Tails than Sonic...poor Sonic came out looking a bit weird. But anyway, can't be helped!

Tails causes Sonic to sneeze at an inopportune moment.


Cute critters with colds


Do enjoy!

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Wooh, finally! (no, it wasn't me who requested)

They're awsome. You gotta draw Knuckles too, sometime (as the silent one from "Sonic X")! :D

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WOWIE! that's amazing! i luvd it, i seriously WISH i could draw like that, and even tho my mom's an artist, i hav no artistic ability whatsoever lol. but luckily u do!

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WOW! I just love your work :D I really LOVED the first drawing but you know how I feel about sneezing while hiding :drool:

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Good work :)(though I wish they were a bit more chibby if you know what I mean...)

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