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seen not heard and another obs


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i was on the bus (which totally sux) and i was looking out the window rather calmly, when i see this guy going into this building with his head in the crook of his arm, then about a few seconds later his head lifts up a tad and snaps back down. i'm POSITIVE it wz a sneeze, lol, and i really wish i could have heard it.

this ones kinda boring but here goes:

we were in class, our teacher wz doin something so as usual all the kids start talking. i was talking to my friend, when all of a sudden our other friend, who was standing up and looking through his backpack sneezed a rather deep forceful sneezed like, "HUTCHOO!" and that wznt the type of sneeze he usually sneezes, so i wz kinda taken aback. then he gets a very quick pre-sneeze face, takes in a deep breath and sneezes the same, "HUTCHOO!" me and my friend both said bless you, and he said nothing so i was like. "Umm... BLESS U! ur sposed to say thank you!" he turned to me and said overdramatically, "THANK YOU!"

SweetP :D

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Very cute. I think I especially like the guy sneezing into his elbow, that has to be my favorite way for a guy to catch his sneeze. And soetimes, I think it's fun to watch them sneeze, and imagine in my head what it sounded like.

Thanks for these! Very nice obs!

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