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Snape for RavenFifiDS


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Sorry, didn't know what else to put in the topic description. :clapping:

Whew! Ive been posting here a lot! :laugh:

See Raven, this is what happens when i get an idea and am too impatient to wait for specifications :lol: If this isn't really what you wanted im happy to do something different. :hug:

Snape is surprisingly simple to draw. Secretly i was hoping you wouldn't say Alan Rickman style, because as much as i love his gorgeous chocolatey voice and dark expressions, he's lumpy and not that easy to draw.

So here it is! I hope you like. :)

Please excuse the star shaped giant crinkle on the left side of the page, that would be my clumsy elbow :rolleyes:


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Heehee, he's cute! Not a big fan of the Harry Potter-dom, but I love how you did his hands and arms (wtf, I don't know).

And Alan Rickman is not lumpy! ;3; Okay, he is. But that's what makes him FUN. I did a realism portrait of him once, he (and Boris Karloff) have the most fantastically interesting features to play with.

Though, uh, probably not when translated into sneezefaces, admittedly.

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OMG, that's nine shades of hotness! :lol: I'm sure Raven will spazzity freak like a complete dork when xe gets home and sees it!!

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I luff you Raven :lol::hug:

That response was the best compliment i could hope for so thankyou. :lol:

Any more scenarios? i'll work on Vincent today (nearly forgot about him! now that just wont do! :nohappy: ) but Snape is funn!! :cryhappy:

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omg!! That is just TOO awesome!

Totally hot and droolworthy and I am SOOOOOOOOO pysched for Raven *does happy dance of joy* because I know that having hot Muses drawn SO awesomely is like heaven.

Very Very YAY!!! :cryhappy::lol:

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Wow! I know it's a few years old, but I totally love it.

I've recently helped care for a friend of mine, and this picture reminds me of when he said it hurt to cough.

He said that it helped to have a hot compress on his chest...which is what I see when I see Snape's cup up to his chest.

Just as a side note, it was totally difficult for me to not melt into a little puddle of goo when he curled up into my lap and his body shook with sneezes.

I definately feel a story coming on...

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Holy guacamole!! This is so....<searches for a word that is deserving of this> Well, anyways, it's just sensational! The shading and choice of shadow is dazzling.

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