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cute response to my blessing


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my friend E and me were teasing each other and being kinda funny today, it was nice. he was sniffling a lot which was beginning to get me going, and he was coughing or whatever, and i was kinda expecting a sneeze from him cuz he gets all coughy and sniffly when he's gonna sneeze (usually). as i was looking at him, he suddenly turns away and sneezes a loud, explosive, "HAKSHOOAH!" i said sweetly, "bless u." he turned to me blinked and said, "anytime." as if he'd just preformed a wonderful show 4 me or something. i and a couple ppl around us laughed. he haz no idea about my fetish, i was kinda thinking about saying, "anytime? then do it again!" of course i didn't want to freak him out, so i kept my little secret to myself.

SweetP :lol:

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That is super cute! He had no idea he really did give you a great performance! Thanks! This really brightened my day! (I would've told him to do it again, but then I'm silly that way! :lol: )

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Wow, what an answer *_* and it sounds ike it was a fairly impressive sneeze, too! I totally would have been tempted to say "Do it again!" I love it when friends sneeze :cryhappy:; You're lucky!

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