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He gets sick again!!!


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A few weeks ago, M had a really rough cold that yeilded a number of wonderful sneezes and I assumed this was the one cold I get per year from him....how wrong am I!!!!!!

M spent spring break in the south with his job and I was up here enjoying my break as well. As M and I talked every night, I joked with him about the fact that he was coming back to not-so-great weather and he was prolly going to get sick. It was as if God was hearing the words coming out of my mouth like a prayer. Saturday rolls around and M gets home all sneezy. He sneezed twice on the phone driving over and then twice in the car on the way to Wal-Mart, once outside the car, another in the car on the way to his parents house, a few at dinner, and about 8 spread throughout the night at his parents house. ;):):)

As the night got later, his sneezes got more powerful, more wet, and more desperate. He went from sneezing these dry, similar to allergy Hiiiaaattschhoo's" to these incredibly forced "Huuuuuuuuiiiiiaaaattttscchhooooooo's" I was just dying....I hadn't seen him in a week and he comes home to me like this!!! What did I do to deserve this??? :wub: I have no idea, but I am incredibly thankful!!!!!!!

Anyways, it was a beautiful Saturday and I was so lucky that it happened as he got back bc with M's sneezy colds, his first day is usually only his sneezy day...the rest are just icky. So, to whatever bigger power there is up there--Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!! :wub:

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heheheh thanks Lalena!!! It made my spring break so much better..esp. knowing I had to come back here....blah!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 more weeks!!!!!

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Oooohh, you lucky woman! And I was going to ring you today! You must tell me more when we finally get a chance to chat! That is just, AWESOME! I love it when prayers like that are answered. :)

He gave you quite the show, huh? Take care good of that guy! I know you will! ;)

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