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my second obs m


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I was at his house again, and he didn't sneeze as many times as last time but still very hot it was :lol:

We were in his living room and were just watching T.V. I was sitting next to him. I decided to look at him for some reason (still not sure why). He was just watching the T.V. and suddenly got that "look" (the pre-sneeze face) He did a nice double into his arm one really nice, "hup...hup...HUPSHEEEWW" into his left arm :blushing::drool: :drool: and he put his arm down. A couple of seconds later (about 10 seconds) he was almost caught of guard, with a quick, "EEEEshiiOOO" into his left arm again. I was to nervous to bless him, but he didn't seem to notice.

I really love how he does that "hup...hup...hup" at the beginning :blushing::drool::yuck:

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That is freakin' adorable! I hope that someday, you'll be able to bless him, cuz those sneezes sound bless-worthy to me! :yuck:

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