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no way out...


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im a bit embarrased to admitt some of this...but i have an alter ego as a teacher in a university, and recently had to give two exams and proctor a third.

now, the proctoring is generally one of my favorite assignments. i love to lurk between the rows of students, checking for cheaters and tormenting them in general, telling them the exam is so hard, waving copies of it in front of them and not letting them read the questions...the usual stuff you always hated your teachers for doing... and yet, currently, the wrongness is almost beyond bearing. i have a class of 300 students that are all full of colds and sniffles and sneezes and everything WRONG and they all insist upon chorusing...i swear its the halleluah chorus of wrong!! no amount of kleenex could deter this pile of *shudder* (not that im complaining at the wondrous sounds many of them produce) but for crying out loud they are my students!!! thats a big no-no!! im halfway tempted to walka round with ear plugs and avert my eyes at the first signs of hitched breath and glazed eyes... but that is a normal reaction for these students with these exams...

as to the classes i teach, my labs...well, we had exams this week there as well, and they were locked in the room for a full two hours...with...youll never believe me...CATS!!! a few of my girls were overcome by the little antigens running around...and one of them had the nicest wrong ive heard all week...


a very cute little feminine sound, and i generally dont like female wrongs...

of course some of the guys were likewise bested by the cats...i promise i dont deliberately have them there.... :yuck: i would never....and just a taste....


also a quite enjoyable sound..at which i froze and im sure i blushed, good thing i had been looking away and couldnt tell who did it.

sometimes its just not fair that all this sneezing has to be my students, and i have to be locked i the room with them for hours...but hey, im not complaining....

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:lol: PLease dont melt me again like that. It takes so long to reform myself. :yuck:

wow. you lucky little bugger.

i mean that in a good way :blushing::drool:

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Hmmmm, I think I need to find a new line of work, perhaps in education? :cryhappy: To me, even though it may have been a struggle, it sounds like so much fun! I know I love it when there's a chorus of sneezes at my job, and half the time I don't even care where they came from, I just stand back and enjoy the music! :lol:

Sorry for you, though. This is one of those times when I'm not sure if I should feel sorry for you, or be jealous of you! :) Thanks for sharing, and I love the way you spelled those sneezes!!!

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It all sounds too lovely; how can you complain? In my invigilating days, my only problem was that in a large hall you couldn't get a clear sight or sound of the sneezers at the back.

Incidentally, when I was prowling around seeking whom I might devour in a Snape-like manner, girls would tell me afterwards th they immediately spotted me staring at their bottoms; but no one ever clocked me staring at their sneezes.

Proctoring, eh? The proctors only came in for a few minutes during the exam, mostly to check up on the invigilators; stilll, it gave us the opportunity to raise our mortar-boards to each other.

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It's even worse when you're one of the students taking the exam! It's so difficult to concentrate with a constant chorus of sneezing from your peers. You want to do well on the exam -- but the sneezing! :)

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:twisted: always glad to cause melting... you know, i never thought about it that one of my students could be getting all.....FSDLKSFJLSD...about other wrongness....hmm....
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It's even worse when you're one of the students taking the exam! It's so difficult to concentrate with a constant chorus of sneezing from your peers. You want to do well on the exam -- but the sneezing! :twisted:

It's been a long time since I've been in that situation, but I remember those days oh so well! Thanks for bringing back some very pleasant memories!

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I like sitting at the student's side of the equation :) terrrrrific post though ;) really made me chuckle inside *grin*

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