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Self Obs in the Car (f)


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I was on my way to pick up my best friend for work when I stopped at a red light. The light happened to be located in a kind of a rural area and on my right someone was outside mowing their lawn at the time. Grass makes me sneeze like clockwork...and my windows were open, which really didn't improve the situation.

Being unable to move, I rubbed my nose, attempting to appease the predicament I was in, but it was no use. My eyes were squinted, my breathing became hitched...and I started to sneeze. First time was into my left hand....then on my steering wheel...then on my shoulder. I just couldn't stop. And I couldn't go anywhere, I couldn't even switch lanes if I wanted to. Finally after about seven sneezes the light changed and I was able to speed outta there. *Whew!*

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that was.... delicious. :smitten:

Hee hee, thanks for posting Susie, it made my day.

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