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Cute Mom at Dance Class

shy guy

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On Saturday morning I take my daughter and her friend to dance class. Usually I bring a book to read, but today I was just sitting in the parent's waiting area, playing with my PDA, when one of the other girl's mom walks in. She's an attractive woman, about forty, thin, with thick, dark brown hair cut in a short suburban soccer mom style. After a minute or so I glanced up to check her out. She was bent over 90 degrees at the waist, fiddling in her daughter's dance bag, when she suddenly sneezed into the bag, a moderately loud "HUH KHEEUW!" I continued to look at her, amazed at my good fortune for looking up at the exact moment she sneezed, when she sneezed again, this time covering her nose and mouth with a pair of fleece dance pants as if they were a hanky, the same "HUH KHEEUWW" sound, but louder and harsher, even with the dance pants muffling the sound. By this time my heart rate was climbing into the V-tach range, but I managed to contain myself as she dropped the dance pants into the bag and sat down in a chair on the other side of the room.

I immediately started writing this obs on my PDA, but did not neglect to notice that my sneezy friend was sniffing heavily. Could I be so lucky as to witness another sneeze? Well, luck was on my side today as she sneezed again, "HEH KHEEEEUWW," this one the loudest and harshest of all, covering her mouth with one hand. She continued to sniff heavily but did not blow her nose. That was her last sneeze before the class ended, and it was the first time I wished the class lasted longer!

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Awesome obs. I loved how you spelled her sneezes, and using the dance pants.... that's just awesome

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all I have to say after that is "Boy, would I like to get into her pants!!" :laugh::laugh:

Ahem. :o

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If I were you I'd feel really awkard...I mean hey! that's some hot stuff, DUH *smacks self* but I'd probably be squirming because it's like...is she expecting me to bless her? Cause if that's the case, I don't want too, because if I tried it'd probably come out as, "blessomggetinmypantsnow".

But besides that! Great obs! :o

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Holy block a moley! :) I am usually not into people two decades my senior, but.....exceptions can be made. :laugh:


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Oh yeah, the good stuff XD thanks for a well written obs :) the spelling looks quite unique, I'm intrigued ;)

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the spelling looks quite unique, I'm intrigued ;)

Thanks to all for the kind comments. As for the spellings, I wrote this obs as it was happening, and that's exactly how they sounded. They really were great sneezes, and I'm happy to be able to share them with all of you!

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