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A small fit from my friend (f)


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My friend has a tendency to make a big deal out of small things and sometimes it's really funny to me.

For those who like to know, she's about 5'2, full build, black curly hair, pretty face and a nice longish straight nose.

Her sneezes usually have that half cough sound, but when she sneezes a lot they start sounding more like sneezes. Also, she usually sneezes a few times in a row, so a single is pretty rare.

And now to the interesting thing:

It was a really hot day, like we don't usually get this time of year, and we were on our way somewhere by foot.

We were walking towards an ATM so she can get some money when she sneezed a cough sounding triple haa-ahhkk, ahh-ahhkk, ahh-ahhkk!!. I didn't bless her (I rarely bless people) and we kept on walking.

A minute later she sneezed again, more sneeze and desperate sounding now ha-ahhchh, haa-ahhcchEEEEEEE, the second one with a very high pitched ending. Just from that ending I could understand her "amazement" at sneezing that much.

We got to the ATM, she got in line and I was standing near by. I had my sunglasses on so she couldn't see where I was looking. But I was looking straight at her. She had a pre-sneeze look again, and was sort of stuck there. She kinda breathed and said half to me half to herself: "why am I sneezing?", went over to the ATM, turned to the side and sneezed a big very sneeze sounding haa-ichhshh!! and went on with getting the money. I was enjoying myself immensely at this point ^_^

After about a few minutes as we were walking she said "seems like this weather makes me sneeze", and I thought that was funny because she wasn't sneezing anymore and yet she kept talking about it!

For the next few hours I only saw her sneeze once, but a few hours later we were sitting in a restaurant with another friend when suddenly she sneezed another single haa-ahhkkch which seemed to have completely caught her by surprise, and then she said "I haven't stopped sneezing since we left home!"

The pure exaggeration in that remark really made me laugh (kept it to myself, of course), and then my other friend said "really? I haven't heard you sneeze all day...." which was really cute. :lol: She replied something like "it's something in this weather" and that was that.

I found all of it just really funny and cute, how she made such a big deal out of it like it was the fit of the century! :bleh:

And just to top it off, yesterday she came with me to feed the horses where I ride, and came with me to get the hay. Now the hay sometimes even makes me sneeze, and that's a rare thing to happen. So I'm doing my thing with the hay, she's standing near by when suddenly she sneezes haa-ahhkk, haa-ahhkk and then says "what was that??", like it never occured to her that this could happen. :wub:

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Sounds lovely. Yes, nice variations and comments. It's good to be going around with someone who's obviously having a sneezy day; and the sunglasses are an excellent idea!

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That put a smile on my face :winkkiss: Grrrrrrrreat obs ^.^= and I love the dialogue around it too.

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