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Yuki Sohma (m)


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I'm a huge Fruits Basket fan, and I love Yuki! I think it's a shame that they never showed him sneezing in the anime, even the episode where he had a cold (all he did was cough cry.gif) So, I took it upon myself to draw the handsome Prince Yuki sneezing. He's sitting on the edge of his bed in his pajamas - this one caught him by surprise, he was going to go to sleep!


This is the first fetish artwork I've drawn and posted. So, I hope you all like it happy.png

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Ahhhh YUKI! ;___; So you're pretty much my favorite person ever now. I love the bejeezus out of Yuki, was SO SAD that they didn't have him sneezing in the anime (just freaking... Tohru, jeez). I have clearly had to write and draw much fetish stuff of him to make up for it.

So cute! I love the motion of his body.


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Ooooh cuuuuute!!! XD

I know nothing about this anime, but I really like your drawing style!!! Very, very well donel!! Added to that is the fact that his name is Yuki, and now thanks to Gravitation, I have to scream his name in a highly annoying fashion:


Damn you, Shuichi, you annoying pink bastard! :twisted:

Great work!!!!! :heart:


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AWWWWWW YUKI!!! So adorable I just wanna glomp on his back and warm him up. ;3; SO CUTE!! Man, I hate that episode as he had a cold and only coughed. So not fair. :heart:

But ROWL, I love this forever and ever! :twisted: EEEEEE!

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That is freakishly adorable! I love your style and certainly hope you post more!! Man, I just LOVE that "shivering" pose...hnngggh.... :heart:

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OMG SO CUUUTE! :twisted:

You did an awesome job with the posture and clothing. I love it! Hope to see more from you :winkkiss:

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Aaah :twisted: I'm so glad you like him! I haven't done marker work in months, but now I'm so glad I did!

Expect more pictures in the future :winkkiss: Thanks for all your kind words!

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Soooo cuuuuute! I'm loving the colors. >:D There's not enough Fruits Basket sneezy pictures, man! You've contributed more then you'll ever know. :twisted: Thanks so much!


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Wooow, one of the cutest drawings ever! You really succeeded in drawing a sneeze coming by surprize. I've always wanted to see Yuki sneeze, it's on time someone did it! >:D

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Awww he's a cutiepumpkinapplepie! :twisted: [and that came from WHERE? >:D ]

Wow, i've always admired people who work with markers, as i wouldn't have the FOGGIEST on how to use them :wacko:

Awesomely awesome work man! :o

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