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my bf caught a cold..saw it develop


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Long post, sorry

So it was my birthday yesterday and I went to see my boyfriend C who had bought me a cake and was very sweet. After kissing me hello he commented having maby a slight cold (His first I've seen!!), a bit of a sore throat the previous evening and a stuffed nose, which he demonstrated sniffing a couple of times. But he insisted of "feeling better now", so we didn't mention it for a few hours. (But you can't blame me for starting to prepare myself for a special birthday present :D ) Then we went to have a dinner at his sister's house. There he suddenly sneezed a couple of forceful, wet "het-SSCHOO"s, that had him double over and blow his nose and sniff and say "Joder!" (yeah, he's Spanish) and comment to his sister (who just looked at him unimpressed) that now he sure had a cold, and he probably catched it last night etc. He knows about my fetish, but we really haven't been exploring it together or talked about it very much. When we were left alone, he commented that at least it's a good thing that I like his sneezes.. :twisted:

Later when we were at a bar with his friend T, C sneezed an amazing sneeze just when I was talking, and I had to say "Salud", and C just smiled knowingly and stroked my thigh, and I completely forgot what I was saying and smiled like an idiot and blushed, because T sat right across me and saw the whole thing and started wondering why I looked so happy etc :winkkiss::innocent: Clumsily I changed the subject and the incident was forgotten..

But later in the night when we went to sleep in C:s too small bed, he suddenly got worse, and started coughing and sniffing and needing handkerchiefs.. I spent the night listening him to fall in and out of sleep, snoring and snuffling, poor thing.. we slept until noon as he had to go to work at three. When we woke up he was feeling pretty bad and wanted lots of hugs and sympathy :D but the he left for work (after sneezing a few times in the shower.. he really has the most perfect, wet sneeze, that demands his total concentration) And now I called him couple of minutes ago and he saaid he was feeling ok, just really sniffly and stuffed up.

Now everything would be heavenly, if he only didn't have to work at ridiculous hours that totally clash with my plans, and the only day I could meet him he's going to visit his parents.. SO frustrating. But there's still the possibility that he will be too sick to go to work, and nothing will stop me playing the nurse.

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oh goodness. if only my boy would catch a spring cold!!! :dead:


ilona, it's so neat that you saw the cold develop! I mean, bummer that he's sick, but you get to be there for him :drool: And on your birthday! Whoa! You're very lucky that he likes sympathy - personally I love it when guys go all soft when they're sick...I know some who really get put-off by it and get really mad when they're sick. You're so lucky, I'm jealous!

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glad you got such a great birthday present!! nice, yummy sneezes!! hope you got to do lots of comforting and playing nurse!!

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glad you got such a great birthday present!! nice, yummy sneezes!! hope you got to do lots of comforting and playing nurse!!

Um, yeah, what chui said! She took the words right out of my brain!!! :laugh: Thanks for sharing your bf's cold with us! :rolleyes:

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Thanks for comments!

As for my bf's cold, of course he passed it on to me.. I started noticing my symptoms on the fifth day of his cold (and by that time he had already become really cranky and complaining about having to work and) and when my fever started rising during the night (without me realizing what was going on) he just muttered that I was "too warm" and he couldn't sleep, and then just turned and started snoring! I really felt like punching him with a pillow. :nohappy:

But the next day when I still had the fever he surprised me by turning up all concerned with strawberries and ice cream. And as for my cold, it has almost disappeared. I really hate being sick and having other people see it, so I've just taken a lot of anticongestants and trying to ignore it. This was my first cold in 2 years, blah.

But the good thing is that my bf is really a photic sneezer, and it looks like the spring and the sun have finally come here in Barcelona :innocent:

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