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Spring Sniffles


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Seemingly from out of nowhere, I've managed to come down with a cold. I had a bit of a stuffy and runny nose yesterday, and today it's developed into the sneezy stage. I have to say though, it's a pretty good cold to have caught - very light, all in my nose, with no sore throat or annoying coughing. And it's left me feeling well enough to enjoy the extra sneezes it's brought.

I woke up today with my nose completely stuffed and tickling horribly. Whilst I laying in bed deciding how long I could resonably take before getting up, I was plagued by intense itching sensations, and the hitching breaths that singal an oncoming sneeze... but I was getting no release. That was until I got in the bath. Perhaps it was the soap bubbles, but suddenly the sneeze decidedly to materialise: "heh-heh...HEH-IHSSSHEEW!" It was much stronger than my usualy sneezes, pitching my head into my chest; all the tickling was almost worth the satisfaction of the release.

I had to go into work for a few hours, most of which I spent trying to hide the fact that I had a cold, which wasn't easy as my nose was running persistantly. I proceeded to let off another five sneezes in the three hours I was there, which is a lot for me! These were very different to my morning sneezes, surprisingly light "Hissshhhuh!" and Tishheww! sounds, with only a instant of prickling in my nose to let me know they were arriving.

I'm pretty sure, however, that I'm not through for today, because when I sat down to my computer and logged in here, another "heh-USHHHewww!" wriggled it's way out. I'd better go and get some fresh tissues...

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must be something in the air!

i woke up at the weekend.. with one of sneezeest cold.... in a long while.

mixed with cut grass outside my work!

god a fetish's idea of heaven!

feel better soon.


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Too delightful! Lovely details, and it sounds like an ideal cold. Let's hope it stays enjoyably sneezy without any horrid symptoms.

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Lovely obs :) bless you. Glad it's really a light cold and you're not suffering, but also do feel better ;)

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Those types of colds are wonderful. :pimp: Well, I love having them anyway. :pirate: Bless you Vignette.


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