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something NOT to induce with


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:lol: ok, so i have discovered something i DO NOT recommend inducing with. as i was lying around being my usual curious self, and just happening to be on the phone with Aku, i found a gigantic dust bunny falling onto the edge of my bed. now, normally i would say open hunting season on all dust bunnies and blast that sucker into the oblivion of my trash...but that little voice in the back of my head said otherwise. ;)

knowing just how...shall we say, nice ...Aku finds my un-stifled sneezes, i couldn't keep myself from inducing. you would have done the same thing, right?? :blushing: i mean, a friend likes to hear them...so you let them...thats not so bad... :)

well, i did give her the forewarning that i was doing something slightly untowards with said dust bunny...and she spoke with the obvious question:

"what are you doing?"

in the most flat, im going to kill you now voice... the sound of which causes mere mortals to quake in fear and dissolve in puddles of lifeless goo...i, however, am not a mere mortal, and as such am completely unperturbed by the warning positively dripping from her lips...

"are you sticking that thing up your nose??"

more cautioning......

"why yes...i am..." i replied, trying my best to sound comically seductive, but failing miserably due to the barely contained laughter threatening to overwhelm me.

at just this moment, the dust bunny finally waged war on the inside of my nose, tickling in just the right place...i hitched a breath, anticipation rampant at the thought of what i was about to do.....

and then it futtered off.

dang! another sneeze gone. and a missed opportunity to mess with Aku. my disappointment must have showed on my face, for at that moment, just as i began to pout, my facial expression change must have been the final trigger...

"Ah-TSHUUU" a lovely, resounding, completely unstifled masterpiece of messing with Aku!!! too bad it didnt have the desired effect. you see, dust bunnies are very unreliable inducers, not to mention they soften really quickly, so i was only able to get one sneeze out of it. and thats just not enough to be the usual torment...i mean...no, i mean torment...to Aku.

oh well....better luck next time...

so, just thought i'd give a warning that dust bunnies, no matter how big and prevalent, are not the best inducers, not to mention you'll be left with a fine coating of non-sneezable dust in your nose for the next few hours... :wub:

well, happy inducing!

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Haha, chui, you make me laugh ;) I'll definitely keep that in mind next time I'm looking for something to test on my little Salmon!

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dust bunnies no..... those blankets of lint that you clear out of the dryer though.... seriously... roll one up, put it in a ziploc bag... when you want to induce, just open the bag, squeeze it a bit and take a sniff. Gah. just about kills me every time ;)

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