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Disappointment - A Question

Guest SnzFan

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Guest SnzFan

So, has anyone been dying to see a sneeze from someone they knew but, once they actually got to, found out it wasn't a good sneeze?

I worked with this girl a couple of years ago who was a real knock-out: blonde hair, blue eyes, and a cute little nose. We had worked together for six months, and one day she was walking around the office with one eye shut, her lips parted, and her nose scrunched up. I asked what was wrong, and she had that she had to sneeze (I had never seen a face like that for a pre-sneeze look). About ten minutes later, I asked her to get some papers for me, and she said "Sure, just let me get this sneeze out and I'll take care of it". Still nothing. Finally, after a half hour, she suddenly reared her head back and let out "HRRSH!". It was an almost manly sneeze from a very feminine girl. Another "HRSSHOO!" followed, and then she started a discussion about waiting forty-five minutes for the sneeze. Maybe I expected something much cuter from her.

I worked with her for two more years and never saw her sneeze again. One day she went through the hour-long build-up again ("I feel like this sneeze, this tickle, is right on the tip of my tongue," she said, "and I hate it! Although it's really at the tip of my nose. No actually, it tickles way up there." - I almost exploded) and I even turned on my bright desk light and held it at an angle so she could stare at it. That almost worked (what an expression), but I never got to see if that was her normal sneeze or not.

Sorry about the length - I'm kind of verbose. Has anyone else ever experienced anything like that?


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I know what you mean. There is this girl, samantha, who sat within veiw of me in some of my classes last year. She is a tiny touch on the heavy side, short light brown hair, great full legs and about a C size chest. I really wanted to see her sneeze most of the year, then once, she was wearing a short pink skort and a tight orange top that day, she started coughing and sniffling, so i looked over at her sitting one one desk to my left. She scrunched up her nose a little with this perfect pre-sneeze face, then covered her entire face with both hands. She stayed that way for about five seconds, then had one tiny hitching breath and did this very masculing cough like sneeze, sort of a HUFFCHISHSSSS! She hardly moved exept for rocking slightly forward in her seat. Some people might like that coughing sneeze thing, but i don't care for masculine sounding sneezes. Plus, to detract even more from the sneeze, she covered what would have been a great prolonged sneeze expression and thus waisted it. I found out later that she was really paranoid about spraying people and always covers her sneezes in public, and always does that harsh coughing sound.

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