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He's a stifler!?


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You may or may not have noticed that I rarely post my own obs. I guess the reason for that is a lack of good observations in the first place and my self-consciousness about my writing. But this one was very special to me and so I will try my best to give you a good obs.

See, there is this guy in two of my classes who I am becoming more and more attracted to. He has a girlfriend and I rarely talk to him, but when it comes to sneezes potential, I could care less about that. We’ll call him J. He’s 19 or 20, of average height, with short (but not too short) light brown hair, big green eyes, and a nice, normal-looking nose. Today he was dressed in black from head to toe with a nice fuzzy black zip-up sweatshirt and black sweatpants. I’m a sucker for guys in comfortable clothing; don’t ask. Anyway, I have been waiting to see J sneeze this whole semester. It's been an eternity. I started to lose hope…until today.

I’ve had a really rough couple of days, but this one experience managed to brighten my entire mood. I went to math class today; J sits to my left, slightly in front of me, so I see his back and side. On Tuesday, I noticed he had a bit of a cough. (I mention this because I think it adds to the effect of the possibility of him being sick-and I enjoy coughs from cute guys to some extent). It was a slightly wet cough and I wondered if he had a cold. But he displayed no nasal symptoms that day. Well, today, he still had the cough and was sniffling a lot. I became incredibly excited and made myself comfortable so that I could listen to the sniffing for an hour and a half.

I kept looking at him out of the corner of my eye, thinking, “Just do it, J! Sneeze, damn you!” I honestly didn’t think it would happen considering my luck with him thus far, but with all the sniffling going on, there was hope.

Near the end of class, he sniffed again, but it sounded a bit different than the previous ones. I can’t really explain it. My ears perked up and I made sure to pay close attention, remembering past experiences when my crushes sniffed and then sneezed right after that. I don’t do that myself, but I’ve witnessed it a few times. There was a short pause and then…

It happened! Barely two seconds had passed after that distinct sniff when (I can’t be very descriptive here since I’m too much of a wimp to look directly at him) he brought his hand up to his mouth and sneezed. I don’t recall there being a gasp-his buildup was very quiet. When it came out-aggh! It was a stifle! I just sat there like, “He’s a stifler?” It was the classic “MMP” with a relieved exhale at the end.

At first, I was seriously disappointed. I had envisioned all these perfect sneezes coming from him and, though I knew stifling was a possibility, I didn’t really think he did that. But the disappointment quickly faded when I realized I had indeed gotten what I wanted. I finally got to witness it, and you know what? I liked it VERY much. It was really cute. It was a skilled stifle if you ask me, a successful one, because he managed to cover the whole thing-no air escaped. (aw, man…) No one blessed him because it was fairly subtle. I seem to remember there being a few more sniffs after that, but not many. I just sat there, stifling a huge grin, totally thrilled. It was like this wave of euphoria hit me. Like I said, that one moment transformed my mood for the rest of the day. I'm still smiling.

Hey-you know what I just realized? I’m actually lucky it was a stifle because I can remember the sounds of those far better than I can remember an open, “free” sneeze. When a guy sneezes, it can be the most beautiful sounding sneeze ever and I’ll forget it within seconds. I’ve gone this one down, at least for a while. I have to wonder, though, if he’s one of those people who has a regular sneeze that they do at home and then a “polite sneeze” for being in public. Hmm.

Oh, I just love to think about it and replay it in my mind over and over again. I’d love to hear a nice, strong sneeze come out of the boy, but this was just as amazing. I hope you enjoyed my…what…fourth obs ever? Here’s to many more!

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Nice observation! Thanks a lot !

I can understand being very interested in finding out how someone sneezes. I think most of us share that 'failing' with you. As soon as we become 'interested' in someone, we simply need to find out how that person sneezes. Like you too, I 'm disappointed when someone turns out to be a stifler, because you can't find out how they really sound. Still, don't give up hope. Very often stiflers will let their guard fall, and... bingo ! a genuine sneeze !

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The "Stifler" observation was certainly worth posting! Much kudos to you for sharing it with us... I enjoyed reading

it very much! Please continue to keep us posted about "J" the stifler! ;)

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Sneeze, damn you!”

:lmfao: im sorry, i dont know why but that line made me CRACK UP :lol:

Stifling guys = :bounce::hyper::dead:

you lucky thing. Guys that stifle just turn me into butter. :wub:

Beautiful obs, and thankyou very, very much :yes:

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Sneeze, damn you!”

:yes: im sorry, i dont know why but that line made me CRACK UP :bounce:

Haha, I always say that in my head to guys who just refuse to sneeze!

Thanks very much, guys!

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This was such a great obs . . . the suspense was wonderful! Personally, I quite enjoy successful male cold stifles, probably because they are so deliciously polite, and one of my biggest turn-ons is gentlemanly sneezers.

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u never know how a person might sneeze you may think that sneeze one way but they actually do another i have had thoughts that i thought a certain person would sneeze a certain way but they really don't

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Nice! I am kind of a sucker for stifling guys, haha. It's probably just because my boyfriend is a natural semi-stifler. He tries but usually fails. It's so damn sexy. I'm glad you got to witness that though and I'm also glad it cheered you up. Keep feeling better. :hug:

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