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Seen But Not Heard


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This was a memorable observation from earlier in the year. I was driving across a grocery store parking lot, and paused to allow a box boy to cross in front of me with a stray shopping cart. He was twentysomething, tall, slender, mischievous face. It was a bright day, and the sun caught his eye; he hesitated and went into a beautiful presneeze, eyebrows lifted, lips parted, expression slightly expectant. He moved his head back and then sneezed once; I couldn't hear him, but it looked forceful, he bent forward at the waist in a graceful movement, then straightened up with a mildly surprised expression, and went on his way.

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Wonderful : Aren't photic sneezes the very best ?

Um, yeah, they are. This was so beautiful. These are the times when it's nice to be able to see it. Especially when you get the whole thing in a visual! Thanks for sharing!

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