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New obs/wav due to rotten cold


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Well all, it seems I just got hit with my twice a year cold and it has resulted in a new obs/wav that was submitted to Bondi's a few days ago. If anyone would like it sent to them please free free to let me know. Its been awhile for me since I made one but there was no stopping this latest recording! I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying early spring weather!

Raz~ :yes:

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Not there yet. :yes:

Hope you feel better soon. Sucks getting sick around this time of year. At least I think so.

Take care. Lots of juice and chicken soup. :bounce:

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Sigh 'member those days when I was like " oohhhhh Raz your my friend I just couldent listen to your wavs" I am sooo OVER that. ( the listening part not the friend part)

I cant wait to hear it.

Id say feel better but wellll ....Id be lying given my weakness for colds!! Try not to die though!

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Oh wow! I'm gone for a week and you get sick? Darn. I must go and check to see if said wavs are posted. Or, I may just politely PM you and ask for them. Many blesses and thanks for sharing with us! You have amazing sneezes, Razman!!! :rolleyes:

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that's what you get for vacationing, Sneesee. He *always* gets sick this time of year :D

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that's what you get for vacationing, Sneesee. He *always* gets sick this time of year :blushing:

Damn it! Oh well, I did have a great vacation, even if I missed something like this. :D And maybe Razman will be kind enough to send me the wavs. :D

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Sneesee: It's actually up on Bondi's now. :D and it's yummy.

In a way, I'm glad it was a cold, because now you're over it hon, but I'm sorry you felt so crappy at the time :D

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Don't try and butter me up Lynne....... only if you intend on biting me should you do such a thing :D I bet I taste great with a little salt and lots of PEPPER!!! I am glad you liked the wav hun and as you know after speaking live tonight I am feeling much better!



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well yeah, that's why I said in a way, I was glad it was a cold, because that means you're feeling better now <_< I don't need to butter you up :thumbsup2: you're the one who wants me to visit :laugh:

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