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A few mornings ago....


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Okay, so a few mornings ago, I was waiting for my ride to school (senior in HS). I had been needing to sneeze all morning, but nothing was coming. I kept feeling this tickle, tried to sneeze, but nothing would come out. Well, while I waited, I felt a really big tickle in my nose. I wanted so badly for this to be the one that came out. I started to have hitching breathes....heh...heehhh...I lost it. Yet new hope came, more hitching breathes....heh...heeeh.....heeeeeeeehhhh----hepCHOO! A sneeze. I was so happy that it finally came, and I felt relief. Then another tickle, heh.....hepchoo! Another sneeze. These sneezes felt very good, they felt unusually clearing when the "choos" came.

Heh...hepchoo! Hepchoo! Even more sneezes. Hepchoo! Another. I must have sneezed at least five times...may have been six.

All in all, this little fit was GREAT! It stopped just in time for me to catch my ride, so I didn't have to worry about my stifling problem.

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this little self-ob!


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Indeed; every detail of your agony...and ecstasy, was delightful. Lovely to get five [or more] in a sort of row.

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