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Online Game Sneeze


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Okay, so like many of you here I'm a private sneezer. The thought of sneezing in public terrifies me to the extent that I am masterful at mentally blocking the urge to sneeze, in fact, my method has never failed :unsure:. I guess the reason I don't like sneezing in public is I hate people (like my parents) making a big deal out of it, and I also worry about the humiliation factor of the pre-sneeze-face stage :wub:.

Anyway, after reading all the sneezy things written here, I decided to get a little more daring. Plus, having learnt to induce, I figured I would have a little bit more control... :mellow:

So it was a Saturday night and I was playing an online game with a friend. Now, when we play this game we always use our microphones to discuss tactics, even though we're usually playing alone and against each other lol. Anyway I waited until we'd had a few games before I began my secret inducing session. This however put me at emense risk as I was supposed to be protecting my base - and not standing stock still, trying to find my 'ticklish' spot B).

Nevermind though, I figured there'd be plenty more games to win...... so I kept talking and kept inducing, waiting for that familiar sensation of a sneeze.

It took a while, and by this time we were both silent (and supposedly playing!!). The tickle started off very small, as it always does with me, but I knew if I kept going it would keep building and building and building!

Now this was when I started to panic. On the one hand, I was thrilled that my inducing was going to be a success, but on the other I was petrified - I seriously hadn't sneezed in front of anyone for about ten years. Ridiculously, my main thought was - what will happen after? As if a sneeze could be life changing! :lol:

Common sense prevailed though and I realised that nothing would change because sneezing is perfectly normal (for most people). So I tickled a little more, and then even more - which caused my nose to start wrinkling, in what I can only assume was a desperate attempt to escape the "irritant".

Of course this irritant was going nowhere, and soon my eyelids started to droop and my mouth partly opened. I had a fleeting thought that I should perhaps warn my friend before releasing my sneeze down the mic, but by then there was absolutely no chance - the sneeze was coming and I couldn't stop it now even if I wanted to!


It was relatively powerful and with a few hitched breaths - I guess because I was in such a frenzy about actually letting it out.

But out it was (*relieved smile*) - and I quickly found myself apologising! My friend of course just took it in her stride and said in a cute-tone "awww, do you have the sneezies?" :hug:

Anyway, we continued with the game, but over the next few minutes my nose continued to have a post-induction-itch. Not one to ignore the possibilty of easy seconds, I proceeded to induce again.

The sneezy sensation was not hard to build on and I realised it would probably all be over very quickly - so I alerted my friend that I felt like I was "going to sneeze again". My friend just sort of giggled, and I guess then waited, because there was a very pronounced silence as I returned to inducing. My breath started to hitch moments after, and I withdrew my inducer certain that the sneeze was about to come -

But it didn't. It was a complete anti-climax, and I then found myself professing to my friend that my sneeze was in fact stuck. My friend responded with a confused "what?", so I repeated "I really need to sneeze, but I can't" - to which I got a sympathetic "awwww no, poor <insert my real name here>".

Not to be defeated, I tried again and this time released a quick, successful "tssscho!" that had me jolting forward in my seat.

My friend laughed and exclaimed "you do have the sneezies!" - to which I playfully responded that I must be allergic to her, which in turn earned me a pouty "Nooo, you're so mean!".

Yeah I guess I am a little :yes:, but woohoo I sneezed in front of someone twice! Go me!

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Bless you, and congratulations! I'm always encouraged when I hear about a private sneezer coming out of the closet, so to speak. Once you get over that initial reticence, it becomes easier and easier to sneeze anywhere, anytime. You may not want to go this far, but I myself have so successfully overcome my sneezing block that I can hardly stop myself even if I want to. Thanks for sharing this awesome obs with us!

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You mean to say a sneeze isn't life-changing? well perhaps that one was!

Anyway, congratulations; and your story was beautifully described. And look, lots of sneezy conversation; and of course the response you got was positive .

Lots more fun to come.

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