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Male Obs -- Strangers in Restaurants


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I have remarkable luck seeing and hearing men sneeze in restaurants. While I enjoy the sneezing, my borderline-OCD germ phobia also makes this uncomfortable at times, especially when the man in question covers with his hand, doesn't go wash his hand afterward, and then proceeds to handle public items such as salt shakers. I had two pretty good ones recently, one seen/heard, and one heard.

1) Very cute guy with a female companion -- average height, dark hair, charming three-day hipster scruff. The host led them to their table; as he was sitting down, he turned quickly toward the window, bent over slightly, put his hand across his mouth, and sneezed a very wet and moderately loud RASSSHHHHH! This is probably my least favorite male sound, personally, but the look I got at his face before the second identical sneeze was well worth it . . . everything literally trembling with anticipation. He shook his head slightly, wiped his hand on his napkin, and sniffled audibly for several minutes. His companion ignored his sneezing completely.

2) I didn't see this guy, but he was standing at the counter at a bakery where I often have lunch. It's both comparatively small and tends to be crowded, so people tend to speak loudly to the service staff, so they can be heard over the other patrons' conversation. This particular man's order was interrupted, with no apparent buildup or warning, with two deep and forceful sneezes with long intakes: "I'd like the egg sa -- AAAAA--TCHOOOOOOOOO!!!! AAAAAA-TACHAAAA!!" The girl waiting on him said: "Good heavens -- bless you!" to which he replied: "Thanks. Wow. Sorry about that."

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I think it's hot, too -- I particularly like it when the sneezer is talking about something completely unrelated, and acts as though he's not sneezing at all, and nothing unusual is happening . . . not quite as good, IMO, when the sneezing itself is the topic of discussion. There are a few absolutely killer .wavs with just sort of la-di-dah talking, punctuated by sneezing, that just fracture me.

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Mmmm, both of those were very nice, indeed! Especially the guy trying to order his sandwich at the bakery! Very lovely, thank you for sharing! :drool:

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