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Out of nowhere!


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So I (19, female, 5'5" with a little-longer-than-chin-length brown-with-pink-streaks-hair, blue eyes, fair complexion) was sitting here at the computer reading through random webpages, shirking my research responsibility once again, when I noticed a bit of a tickle...then it hit me, I was going to sneeze, and heaven knows I wasn't going to let it get away! My fetish-aware boyfriend Salmon commented the other day that I don't sneeze in front of him any more than he sneezes (or almost sneezes, as is usually the case) in front of me, but as someone who doesn't have any allergies whatsoever naturally I will not sneeze as much! So I set my mind on forcing this one out!

So there was a nearly silent, unvoiced hih......hih...hih...a hitching breath, quiet but definitely defined...

Then a few seconds later:

H-TXCHOO! Totally out of nowhere, but strong. The last half was voiced, and a little wet. I had my hands on the keyboard at the time, so the sneeze was uncovered. So as not to spray my lovely laptop, I forced my head downward. It caught me by surprise!

I sat staring into space for a few seconds looking horribly confused, then sniffed, wiping my nose with the back of my hand. It was just so random, I've no clue why it happened! My guess is that it's waaay cold in here - the weather today is disgusting! It is, as my roommate called it, "snaining" - snow and rain at the same time. The window was open nearly all day, so maybe the room hasn't completely warmed back up yet :drool:

I'm also surprised that this one had a noticeable build-up. Usually my sneezes are just like BOOM and it's over!! Weird o_O;

Aah...my nose still hurts from it :dead:

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I love when sneezes catch you by surprise. Ok, well...in certain situations only for me...but I like when it happens to others! :drool: Thanks for sharing this. it was lovely!

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:laugh: oh thanks for the details on the hitching!! i do love it when the sneezes just sneak up on you, especially when they will not be stifled. :rolleyes:

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snaining *laughs a bunch* :) that's pretty good! *settles down* good obs too :twisted: with nice yummy details :laugh: blessyou.

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Yummy description! There's nothing like a voiced CHOO when you're expecting an unvoiced one. [or possibly not expecting one at all.]

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