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There's a gorgeous girl, L, on my course; 19 years old, pretty short, great figure, extremely cute in a sort of pixie like way. She has big brown eyes, straight dark hair down to just past her shoulders, and best of all, slightly oversized nostrils which makes her look like she's constantly flaring them as if on the edge of a sneeze. :innocent: This feature of course only makes her even more attractive to me, but I'm sure I would think she was hot even if I didn't have the fetish; she has a very unique look about her. Anyway she has a long term boyfriend ( <_< ) so she must be doing something right!

I've seen her sneeze once before, in a lecture; she was sat a few rows in front of me and to the right. She sneezed twice, getting her right hand up just in time to catch the first, then cupping both her hands over her nose and mouth and pausing a moment before the second, slightly louder. She gave a cute little giggle after... I was quite disappointed though, they were rather dry and cough like 'heh-UHF' sort of affairs - not what I had dreamed of at all :bleh:

Anyway, today, oh, today...

I was sitting at a computer working on overdue coursework when L came in with a couple of friends and her boyfriend. I could just see her through a space between various computer monitors but I wasn't paying much attention as I had (and still have) a lot of work to get through. About thirty seconds later I hear a loud and wet 'heh-TSCHUH' from that direction... of course I immediately swing round on my chair (yeah, subtle) and see L frantically rubbing her nose with her eyes scrunched up tight... she takes a deep breath and gives another, even louder, 'heh-TSSCHUUH!', the force of it bending her a little at the waist (she was sitting down). She held her right hand cupped a few inches away from her face while she sneezed; this gave me a rather fantastic view as I was sitting to her left. At this point, not really thinking, I assumed she was done, as I'd only seen her sneeze a double before... not sure what my logic was there... but anyway I was turning back to my monitor when I heard another gasping breath and glanced back just in time to see a repeat performance, 'heh-TSSCHUUUH!', again catching in her right hand the same way. She rubbed her nose once then almost straight away sneezed again, but this time more like the first time I was witness to such an incident; a drier sort of 'huh-KHF' with both hands over her mouth and nose. I kept watching her for the next 20 minutes or so before I went for lunch and she was continually rubbing her nose, bit no more sneezing fits were forthcoming :laugh: I guess she might have had allergies or something though as it seemed to be bothering her.

Also, later on I was in the biology library across campus and a cute redhead, a bit older than me (I'd guess between 21 and 23) was sitting at the desk facing me. She was in a pink low cut sweater (great rack :thumbsup2: ) and had her longish hair tied back in a ponytail; she cupped her hands over her mouth and gave a pretty loud 'hah-isschuh!', it came totally outta left field though so I had no time to observe a buildup or anything (if there even was one). She stayed at the same table with me for a few hours but no more sneezes. :bleh:

I should go to the library more often! :cryhappy:

This was my first ever obs post, hope you enjoyed :blushing:

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Hey Poiub, fantasic obs! I really loved reading your descriptions of the sneezers, and also your own reactions. I had a huge grin on my face with this line:

... of course I immediately swing round on my chair (yeah, subtle)

Haven't we all been there!? :thumbsup2: Please post more soon!

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Thanks :bleh: I was totally nervous about posting it :thumbsup2: but I thought it was too good to pass up...

Anyway now the floodgates have opened and I have two years worth of observations saved up that I've never been brave enough to post about <_<:laugh:

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Gorgeous indeed, and lovely nasal description. Isn't it brill when someone with a sort of standard sneeze suddenly comes out with something enormous and wet?

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Oh this was your first obs? Haha! very cool, I didn't actually stop to think if I've read anything you ever posted before (nor did I stop to look how many posts you have overall) but man, stating that at the end is an interesting way to go about it. Not that it matters anything, I was just surprised - kind of caught off guards I guess. I really like your writing style, packed with details and a good setting to the sneezes, REALLY WELL DONE! :twisted: you should keep writing (and I'll keep reading :laugh: ).

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