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My friend's unknown dust allergy


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Yesterday, I was at my friend Lily’s appartment to watch a TV. I noticed her TV was covered with an impressing amount of dust, the screen and everything was grey. I made a joke about it, after which she went and got something to clean it with (didn't mean it that way, but whatever). We sat down to talk when she started sneezing.

Lily is the kind of person who sneezes three times in a row almost every hour, so I'm kind of used to it. But when her sneezes started this time, she didn’t stop at 3, she just kept going like ”a-tchi! tsch! a-tsch!” about 11 times. We were in the middle of talking about something , but I totally forgot what I was saying and ended up going like ”uhm…eh…” (could NOT remember how to finish my sentence :twisted:)

”I think my little dust allergy is rearing its ugly head”, she said, and sneezed twice more. Feeling guilty for commenting on her dusty TV, I said she should’ve had me clean the TV. ”Then I would’ve just have had to stand in the bathroom with my nose and eyes covered until the dust had settled”, she laughed. And then she started going ”a-tsch! tshh! etschi!” again, with another 8 sneezes. I was just staring at the TV screen, trying to pretend i was interested in what we were watching :laugh:

An hour later, she was back at her hourly 3-sneeze rutine.

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Ahh good ol' dust, you can always count on it to pile around the "wrong" places around the "wrong" people :) nice obs, thanks for sharing :laugh: *chuckle* must've been a good one to forget what you were talking about mid-sentence :twisted:

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Great obs! Even at three sneezes an hour, a night at Lily's house sounds like a blast, but the dust induced fit must have made it extra special; I sure wish I had been there!

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