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"Takeaway" obs[f]

count tiszula

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Not a sneeze caused by a takeaway this time; but why wander the streets looking for a sneeze when you can sit at home and have one delivered to you?

Now that the weather is two months ahead of itself, and the bluebells are already over, summer arrived at the weekend in London. I was sitting here staring at the old computer, while outside in what passes for their back garden, some neighbours were getting drunk and singing Beatles songs to the strain of a small guitar; actually they weren't bad.

Well, with the sun out for the first time, and perhaps a few allergic style plants about it was inevitable really. During a break in th e performance, suddenly there came an absolutely enormous female sneeze. Loud , powerful, fully voiced, luscious....a sort of HARRKKASCHOOOOOH! Windows rattled, chimney pots fell; no, of course not, but..

After a moment of stunnedness, I got up and twitched my net curtains and looked out; the sneezer was the only female present amongst the male minstrelsy; quite an attractive girl, late 20s, dark hair in a ponytail, shortish and pneumatic in a blue blouse thing and dark Bermuda-style shorts. I gazed at her pointy nose, thinking that there might well be "the second sneeze". However, after continuing to stare for much longer than was reasonable, I got a bit paranoid; after all, they would only have had toturn round, look upwards, look through the crack in the curtains and see me in the gloom, and they might have noticed me actually looking out of my own window.

It's the old "rear Window" thing; what fun it can be.

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*chuckles* heh I like the built-in humor and the way you depict things :laugh:

Oh man, London during summer time... a place I wanna be (though I'm still recovering from my last adventure abroad). I envy how peaceful that all sounded :) and of course thanks for sharing :twisted: *joins the Beatles minstrelsy*

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