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Scents of Evil

Guest red-rover

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Guest red-rover

Hooray! First story post! Just a short little thing that probably isn’t my best work, but I’m proud of myself for actually finishing something. :)

Disclaimer: Yu gi oh does not belong to me. Good thing too otherwise the whole show would have turned into a puzzleshipping (Yami/Yugi) porn fest.

Scents of Evil

Yami had never felt so stupid is his entire life. He should have known better than to go out walking at night in the middle of a thunderstorm, but no he just had to go out to clear his head and give two thugs the perfect chance to jump him and drag him into a dark alley. Before he could even think of using his powers he felt the puzzle being pulled over his head before one of the men knocked him unconscious.


He awoke to find himself in a small abandoned warehouse. He saw the puzzle hanging from a hook on the far wall. He struggled to get to it, but the two men held him back and finished tying his hands securely behind his back.

Just then a tall man in a long dark cloak came through the door.

“Well done men, leave us.”

The thugs dropped him unceremoniously to the floor and walked out, slamming the door behind them.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?”

“I’m a throw away villain I do it because I can.”

“What do you want for me!?”

“Want? Why I want your power of course, doesn’t everyone?”

“If you want them then duel me for them!”

“Duel you? But we both know what would happen then. I’d boast about my brilliant plan, you’d struggle with that hand-me down deck of yours, and then at the very end you’d pull some complicated strategy out of thin air and snatch victory from defeat. Oh no, there will be none of that. I have something much more interesting in mind.”

He pulled a small stick lying in a bowl out of his robe and he placed it in the centre of the floor. Carefully he lit the end his eyes danced gleefully as the smoke began to rise from the tip. Yami looked at it cautiously. It looked like an incense stick, was it some kind of brainwashing agent or poison? It seemed like such an odd plan normally he would simply be challenged to some sort of game and that would be it, and why was his nose starting to tickle? He sniffed to try and dispel the sensation. The pharaoh was surprised when the man chuckled and walked over.

“I see it’s working already.”

“What do you mean-heh!” His breath hitched as the beginnings of a sneeze started to work its way through his nasal passages.

“Frankincense is such a wonderful thing isn’t it? So important for worship, cleansing, and of course that which ails us.”

Yami tried to glare at him but the effect was lost as his eyes started to water and the urge to sneeze grew stronger.

“Of course one does have to be careful though as the scent can be quite overwhelming.”

He swept the edge of his cloak near the bowl causing the smoke to bellow even more around Yami’s face and the last of his resistance fell away.

“Heh-Harhshoo! Heh-hehchoo!”

Yami suddenly felt drained as if something had been sucked out of him. Small wisps of black and purple slithered around the room and Yami watched startled as they began to move towards the man before fusing with him in a soft purple glow.

“Shadows are such fun things to manipulate aren’t they?”

“What have you done?”

“Oh, it’s quite simple really. You see without your precious puzzle you have no way to anchor the shadows specifically to you. So when you lose control of yourself, say when you sneeze, they flow out of you into this room where I can absorb them. And once I have drained you of all of your powers I will be able to control the world!”

“You’re mad!”

“Now, now I wouldn’t be the one making insults, pharaoh, I can make this very unpleasant for you.”

Yami’s eyed widened in horror as his captor took another stick from his pocket and placed it in the dish. Slowly the two trails of smoke made their way towards him.

“You won’t-heh-get away-heh-with this!”

Yami tried desperately to hold back the tickle, but it was no use his hands were still bound and he couldn’t turn his head far enough to be able to rub his nose against his shoulder. Although he knew that losing meant giving into the villain his body screamed for relief and no matter how hard he sniffed the itch back or how long he held his breath the sneeze eventually overwhelmed him and burst forth from his lips.


The shadows continued to swirl about the room as Yami was caught in a desperate sneezing fit.

“Hetchoo! ISshoo! Choo! Heh-heh-heeESHooo!”

He gasped and sniffled deeply before taking several slow breaths through his mouth anything to hold off another attack.

“Surely you can do better than that?” The clocked figure mocked.

“I’ll never let you win!”

“Oh, you won’t? Well I don’t think you have much say in the matter you’re at the mercy of something you can never hope to control!” He laughed maniacally.

Yami knew he was right he couldn’t defeat him like this. If he could just get his hands free he could suppress the sneezes, hell if he could get his hands free he could get far away from this torture. He struggled against the bonds again, but then stopped suddenly as a thought occurred to him, they didn’t seem to be as tight as before. He twisted his wrists in them and found they now moved easily in the coils of the rope, but how could that have happened? The shadows! Of course they thrived on chaos and would destroy anything they could get close to, and since he couldn’t direct them they simply spread everywhere meaning that that lunatic didn’t have full control over them yet either. So if he could let loose enough of them the man would be overwhelmed and he could take that moment to regain the upper hand.

Still that would require a very large sneeze and to ensure that he would have to be closer to those awful sticks. Yet he couldn’t move closer on his own the man would get suspicious. He knew he had to think of something quickly though as the smoke was wafted towards him again and he felt the familiar prickly sensation begin to brew in the back of his nose. Finally realizing his legs were still free he bowed his head and rubbed his nose hard against his knee.

“Heh! Ehh!...ahhh,” he sighed deeply as the tickle backed down. He took a few cautious sniffs to hold it there. It was working if he just kept this up the guy was likely to do something drastic.

The foot falls of his captor got faster and louder as his paced furiously back and forth. He could tell the man was getting impatient, good.

“You always were one to face a challenge weren’t you, pharaoh? Here!” He said grabbing that back of Yami’s shirt and shoving his face directly over top of the bowl, “let me help you lose!”

Yami inhaled deeply through his nose letting the irritating scent full it completely. The effect was immediate as he began a strong build-up.


“Yes, oh yes!”

Yami pulled against the ropes and felt them loosen further as the sneeze came closer and closer to release. The plan was working just a bit more now.


The ropes snapped clean in two and the blast of energy knocked the man off Yami and straight into the wall, where the shadows began to take their revenge upon him. With the enemy distracted Yami managed to finish freeing his hands and then launched himself across the room grabbing the puzzle off the hook and quickly putting it around his neck once more.


Finally having the shadows under his command again he directed them towards the door. Blasting it clean off its hinges, he dashed through the open doorway and down the street. Running down the first alley he came to, and finding a fence at the end of it he quickly climbed over. Heading down another side street he turned around another corner before finally stopping to catch his breath.

Looking around Yami tried to figure out where his was and was grateful to see that the man had not only not fully thought out his plan, but had also taken him to a hideout not five blocks from his home. His body tensed moments later though when the need to sneeze came over him yet again. He cupped his hands over his nose and mouth to try and muffle it in case the thugs were looking for him.


He sniffled and rubbed a finger against the side of nose to stop the itchiness at least for a moment. He desperately needed to blow his nose though to really clear the last of the irritating smell from his sinuses. He shoved both of his hands into his pockets only to come up empty handed. Again he cursed himself for being stupid and forgetting a handkerchief.

It was at that moment that Yugi came out of the puzzle.

“Oh, Yami, I was so worried! When those guys jumped you and then I couldn’t sense you anymore and I thought that I would never see you again and-”

Yugi stopped short when he noticed Yami’s appearance. Taking his partner’s eyes filled with tears of irritation, his ragged breathing. His nose was running freely with one his hand pressed underneath it and his nostrils twitched constantly.

“Yami, what happened to you?”

“Don’t–Heh-issshhhh! Don’t ask.”

The End

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