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ok so basically the last two days i've been crying my eyes out over this guy (my now ex bc hez an ass), and basically i'm heartbroken :laugh:, and i'm not much of a crier so its been kinda weird, but anyways, so i hav some pretty awesome guy friends who wanted to cheer me up. Some offered some rather vulgar ways of doing it, lol, but i refused and one dear offered to sneeze for me. he did the tissue thing, how he knew to do that i don't really know and frankly don't care, but he did succeed in doing it and they were pretty basic, "ahtchoo" sneezes. i got turned on cuz he's hot, but they weren't the best i'd heard.

ok so on to the better ones:

a couple days ago my friend A who is a hottie (all the girls think so) and also has a HUGE ego, was coughing or whatever cuz i guess he isn't fully over his sickness, though it seems like he's had it for a while. anyway he stifled a very regular stifle only it was loud, and he didn't let out much of a sigh. i said, "bless you" to which he said thank you, and then my other friend said "GOD bless you" (she has a thing where she really likes to say GOD before bless u, and she scolds me if i don't, which she did today lol), he smiled a very big smile and said, "thanks!"

yesterday i was on the bus with my friends and one of my friend's brotherse, i'd never met b4 but we got along instantly and were joking around and stuff. then my friend was like, "wanna know what turns (my name) on?" my friends brother was like, "sure, what?" i rolled my eyes and was like, "must you tell the whole world?!" she just laughed and was like, "when a guy sneezes!" the guy just kinda laughed and was like, "interesting...i can make myself sneeze." i laughed and was like, "i don't suggest you do that" and he nodded with a smile and said, "i don't suggest i do that either." but today when i met them at the bus stop he said to me as i was walking towards them, "i have to sneeze!" i just rolled my eyes and laughed. but then when the bus was coming he said, "ugh, my nose hurts." i'm not really sure why but once we were on the bus and we'd been going for a while suddenly he sneezes this loud, "HwaptchOOah!" and bends forward quickly. he looked at me and i just smiled, he winked and turned away. it occured to me that his nose may have hurt bc he tried to induce bc it seemed like he kinda had a crush on me....what a sweetie!

next this kid in my class whos name i don't know sneezed this pretty cute "hep-tchioo!" into his hand, the way i wrote it kinda makes it sound girly but it was deep not girly sounding. my friend and i said bless you and he said nothing and she kinda got pissed cuz she had a bad temper, lol. she was like, "damn boy! can't you say thank you!" he obviously didnt hear her and she mumbled, "what a waste of my breath." i just laughed cuz it was funny.

last but not least that hot student teacher of mine did a wonderful and really explosively loud, "KATCHOO!" which is how his sneezes always sound, but this one was way more explosive and loud. i jumped out of my sit and the kid behind me laughed at me, i laughed too and actually so did the student teacher. I was like, "BLESS U!" to which he said thank you, and i was happy cuz usually he doesnt say it

i no this is long, sorry!

SweetP :D

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Awww, your obs are always full of cute! Thanks. Sorry about your ex, but you are probably better off anyway. Looks like you may have some other options... :nohappy:

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