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ok, so i had a really NOT COOL thing happen to me today in class...(quick reminder, i teach at a university)...my students just kept being wrong...and once or twice is fine, but this was like five ina few minutes, and that is just not something i can teach through!! my already fragile sensibilities had gone off on hiatus, somewhere with my sanity, leaving me a big puddle of "oh my gosh, i cant believe you guys!!" i'll try to describe the wonders that were the end of me:

it all began with one of my girls being rather sniffly, she came in the class and proceeded to ask me about allergy meds and what she should try...and was all, well, these allergies are killing me..the whole time, im being sympathetic, trying to recommend something, thinking... "you have no idea what you are saying to me...why dont you just light a bonfire and play with that instead" later in class she gave a lovely display of those allergies... "he-schUUUU", quite nice if you enjoy wet, soft sounds, but only one...which i could live with... :laugh: ...for now...

until one of my guys, who apparently has some kind of "hay fever", decided to give his own demonstration, as he was very sneezy..not that i minded, as he has one of the nicest motions with his. his first, i was unfortunate enough to miss, while writing on the board.. "eh-CHU", this one rather short and not wet at all, not too powerful either, and had me secretly hoping for a repeat...just as i looked up to see which one of my students was the culprit (as i had not seen the first) i watched him steeple his hands, place them delicately over his mouth and nose, turn to the side and bend all the way over "EH-CHUUU" :drool::laugh:

*now at this point, i must admit i was so frazzled at the beautiful sneezes, i couldnt help myself, but just yelled out to no one in particular:

YOU HAVE TO STOP! NOW!!! and at thier bewildered expressions, ITS CONTAGIOUS!!!

i dont know what prompted me to say it, but i couldnt help it...they were taking my sanity from me...yes, i was trapped somewhere between utter disbelief at my bad luck to have this while i was attempting to lecture, and absolute giddy joy at the wonderful wrongness!! well, the shock and attempts at scholarly propriety forced me to bury my nose in the chalkboard, trying to maintain a professional air... when IT happened...

oh yes, im sure you can guess what possible outcome i could have from glueing myself to CHALK DUST!!! :rolleyes: oh yes..i felt the little sneezemongers climbing their way into my nasal passages, and in desperation i turned from teh board...only to come face to face with 20 or so student anxiously awaiting my next teachings...and all i can do is take a hitching breath...my eyes began to water, and tightly closed against the impending release...my nose was burning and scrunching up in the effort not letting the sneeze out all the way...i didnt want to startle my students, and i really only let them out around a few certain people...yes, you Aku...my breath hitched again, the double telling me this would be a strong one...i grabbed the edge of my desk,as i started to pitch forward with release...when one of my male students, who happens to be abhorrably attractive, you know, one of those that makes you just want to stop and stare, and of course wish to hear him sneeze, :innocent: yes this same adonis of the front row...he said IT!!

"BLESS YOU" as casual as you please...now, had i heard this at the inoportune time from a mere mortal, i might have shrugged it off, but NO!! from him...my eyes popped open, my shoulders relaxed, and my hands clenched the desk in the irritated disappointment all have felt when denied the perfect sneeze!! WHY?? WHY?? was i denied that wonder!! oh well....the glare i gave to no one in particular, as i carefully averted my gaze from him, probably had a few of my students wondering just what had happened.

well, i am not so fainthearted, or weak sinused as to be foiled by one mishap..later in the same class, while my students were gathering around my desk as i illustrated some of the days work, the urge once again struck...refusing to be imparied, i turned quickly to the side and forced a quick one out...before anyone could interfere.. "h-tschuuu" a rather high pitched little number, no spray, but a little wet sounding, with a one handed cover i was very proud of for managing! :laugh: not to mention i earned my blessing this time :nohappy:

i hope you all enjoy the torture of my day!! somwtimes i just wanna pull my hair out with all the wrongy students i have!!! but oh, it was worth it this time!!

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Omg, reading this was more hysterical than listening to you tell me about it over the phone! :drool::rolleyes:

I'd say I feel sorry for you, but it would be a lie. You DESERVE some torture of your own, you horrific fiend! :jawdrop:

Oh, and if you want to earn a "bless you," come sit on my la----- LA LA LA....:laugh::nohappy:

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Mmmm, this makes me seriously think hard about going back to school. Cute, sneezy guys :nohappy: (over 18, of course :cryhappy: ). Thanks! And let's see, maybe you need to spend all of your lessons using the chalkboard, chui? :innocent:

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Mmmm, yummy. Isn't that a lovely scenario, when a trusting sneezy girl asks for help with her sneezes!

And the delicious description of your own loss of control; oh, that clutching the desk for support! If that is torture, let me be tortured.

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