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Another Self-Obs


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Wow. So, uh. :rolleyes: I have a cold. It's a really, really sneezy one too. My eyes have been constantly watering ALL day (heh, my friend Kristen was making fun of me saying "awww, what's wrong sweetheart, why are you crying?" - it was cute) and my nose (while it's actually calmed down a bit now, thankfully/regretfully) has been plagued by a near-constant itch that's enough to prickle and tease, but not quite enough. Though, it's occasionally enough to get a double "HaESSSH!!" out of me.

My buildups have been lengthened as well. Normally I have very little warning between initial tickle and eventual explosion, and what warning I do have isn't intense enough to change my facial expression. Now, see, right this very second for example, I just got a tickle. My lip curled back, a tear ran down my face, and my eyes are going squinty. I probably look pretty good right now. Aww yeah. :jawdrop:

No sneeze, though. That's pretty well par for the course. Gonna blow my nose, though. Stupid gross toilet paper (I am ghetto-rat poor, go student life!). Anyway, that's the general condition of Herr Wittgenstein at this moment. He is fucked. The highlight of the obs, though, was earlier this evening during a card game. I've never sneezed more than three times in a row before in my life. This time, though...

I felt the tickle come on really intensely, but it was buildup only for a good thirty seconds. Couldn't see a damn thing for the tears in my eyes and couldn't sniffle cause my nose was completely blocked. It felt like if I could just inhale through my nose a little bit, I could finally sneeze and get some relief, but I just couldn't get enough air through. So it went a little like this.

"Huh...... h-huuuhh...... huuh....... HaaAESSH! HAEESSH!! hu-HAAESSH! HAAAAESSSH!!"

Four in a row! Boo-yah! Never gotten that high before :laugh: (All the allergy sufferers are free to laugh/throw rocks at me. :nohappy:)

Hope you guys enjoyed :drool:


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awww! Bless you. And I suppose "yay" for the four times!?! Sounds like you would have been Totally miserable prior to that though.

Hope you feel better soon (although not soon if you don't want to :nohappy:)

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WOW! Many blesses! Thank you for sharing your obs with us! I hate that feeling, too, though, when I'm sick and can't breathe through my nose. And then you can sort of feel it get all runny, but can't sniffle. Glad you got those sneezes out, 4 of them, NICE! :nohappy:

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Delicious. Your particular sneeze-sound, as written here, is one I happen to love. BTW, to combat the harshness of the toilet paper, if you or someone you know has some Vaseline, rub a little bit on your nose to keep it hydrated ... unless you're going for the "completely chapped and skinless" look :nohappy:

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he has wavs on Bondi's as well :D

hon, I hope you feel better :D I've been thinking about calling you, but then I've also been REMARKABLY lazy about calling people lately.

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Awww, thanks Lynne honey. And don't worry about the calling thing, I've barely been home at all lately. I'm juuuust about finished with exams though, classes are done and I'm back to working full-time, so soon enough, we will get the chance, I'm sure.

And I do indeed have a coupla .wavs on Bondi's as well, thanks for the shameless plug. LOL :D

If this cold is still eating me tomorrow, I'm gonna open sound recorder and try and catch a few. :D



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Also - as I reread my reply and those before it and realized I'd forgotten a few people - Thank you all for your well-wishes, and my only hope is that it brought y'all some enjoyment. :D:D

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Methinks your .wavs are under a different name, yes? I have doubtless admired them without knowing it was you. I do hope you feel better, but not, perhaps, before the world benefits from your suffering. *ahem*

Oh, and best of luck with the exams.

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Methinks your .wavs are under a different name, yes?

I think they are under crushed roses, correct? They are fabulous!

Hope you're feeling better, hon!! 4 in a row, though ... excellent! Bless you x 4!!!!!!!!

Get better soon and good luck with exams!

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They are indeed under crushed roses, which is my old forum handle. :drool:

Thanks for pointing that out.


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