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The COLD that caught me

The Sneezster

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Well, a cold caught me. On Monday, it was an itchy scratchiness in my throat, and by Tuesday, my throat was definitely sore, and the whole insides of my head was itchy -- nose, ears, sinuses. And Wednesday started the sneezing. Crazy random sneezing with no logic behind it. Quiet little weak singletons. Doubles, triples, quad, quints! Dry, misty, wet, gooey. I never know what's coming next. I'll sneeze a tiny little polite sneeze into my handkerchief, and ten seconds later explode into a giant, bends-me-in-half juicy sneeze. My nose is wet and drippy, and I keep breaking out into spells of coughing that make my nose tickle and invariably land up with more sneezing. At work yesterday, I soaked through the handkerchief I keep in my jacket pocket, and then the one I keep folded and peeking out of my breast pocket, and had to move on to the back-up stash in my purse. Despite all the coughing and sneezing and flourishing of handkerchiefs, I denied to everyone that I had a cold. "I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about. I never felt better!"

Today, I'm just as sneezy, coughing a bit more, and have a pressure in my sinuses and a headache that just won't quit. Soup, I'm drinking, tea I'm sipping, and I'm eating tasty tangerines. And spiced up spicy bouillon. So spicy that it makes my nose run, but leaves my head feeling clearer and relieves the soreness in my throat. My voice is taking on that husky, sexy, throaty quality that makes guys heads turn, but so far (to my delight) I don't have the stuffed up, congested thing that keeps me from properly pronouncing my "m's" and "n's".

Why is it when I have a cold in my head, my brain feels all fuzzy and dopey? It's like my neurotransmitters are out to lunch, and my synapses are firing lazily.

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Wah! Everyone has sneezy colds but ME!! I'm so freakn' JEALOUS. >__> -glares at you-

But still, I'm glad you're not too sick to enjoy the interesting sneezes. I hope it stays entertaining and that work isn't too hard. Be sure to rest and take care of yourself~! Thanks for the awesome obs~ *_*

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this is a bad time of year to get sick, i would bring u some chicken soup and fresh hankies tho :yes:

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Bless you! It sounds like you ended up with the same cold I got! Thanks for the wonderful, detailed descriptions, and especially for including a hanky count! At the peak of my cold, I went through six in a day! Anyway, I hope you're feeling better, and thanks again for sharing.

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It sounds like you ended up with the same cold I got!

I guess it serves me right for sitting too close to the computer and listening to you sneeze. I'm doing better, and hope to free myself soon from the grips of the cold that caught me.

Friday, I was totally run down and worn out, and all I wanted to do was mope about and nap. I did make a big pot of fresh chicken soup, though. I was still sneezing like mad, and my nose was getting more and more congested. It would get all blocked up and, even though I felt all sneezy, no sneeze could get through the cement filling my head. Then I'd take some decongestant, and my head would clear and the sneezes would resume in full force. Blowing my nose cleared out some more of the congestion, and make me sneezier still.

This morning I woke up, half my nose blocked, the other half clear, half my head aching, the other half fine, and my throat really sore. Soon as I sat up in bed, the sneezing commenced. Wild, loud and crazy sneezes. Wet, snotty, painful sneezes. Then I blew my nose and laid back onto my pillow, grumpy that I wasn't feeling better. I ate nothing but chicken soup all day, as I worked my way through a stack of handkerchiefs. By the afternoon, I was feeling some better, and by the evening, better still. My nose is mostly unblocked and the coughing has pretty much abated. I'm still sniffly and drippy, and my eyes keep tearing, but I don't feel as sick and wiped out as yesterday.

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And this morning, I feel much better, except for the feeling that I have some sort of, entity, consolidation, lump, clump, or big hard ball of snot lodged in my sinus. I tried blowing it out -- hard -- but it hangs on, digging its little snotty claws into the lining of my sinus tenaciously. I sneezed -- full-powered, no-holds barred, massive hurricane-force sneezes -- but the entity refuses to budge. It taunts me!

I'm sure that as soon as I free myself from this nexus of evil, I'll be completely over this cold.

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What a wonderful series of reports; every description setting out in gorgeous detail all the aspects of the current cold stage; and though it sounds pretty horrible in parts, still, it seemsyou are enjoying the good bits. I wish I had a sneezy stage that lasted more than a day.

I hope you get full relief soon; perhaps a supersneeze will destroy the evil conglomerate of doom.

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