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ok so yeah this happened yesterday on the bus and it was my friends brother again, and OMG it was one of the best obs i've had in a while! ok, so i was chatting with my friends about some meaningless stuff when i hear this "HWUUHTCHOO!" loud, explosive, forceful, just the way i like em and i turn back to see my friends brother back there. he didn't see me so i turned away but then i hear this, "HAHAHA!" and he's laughing and pointing at me. i kinda grinned and would have blushed if i could have, but my body doesn't seem to let me. anyhow, so then my other friends back there started laughing, and he starts rubbing like the top of his nose, it's kinda hard to explain, his brother does it too just to tease me but it never works for him, but for his brother, OMG did it work! his face got all red and he suddenly snaps forward with a "HAAATCHOO!" then he does it a couple more times, same sounding sneeze, and he complains about his nose hurting. But he KEEPS ON GOING! my friend was like, "oh no, is that turning you on?" kinda in a disgusted way, i just giggled like an idiot and nodded. then i yelled back to him, "Stop that your making me horny!" which made him do it even more. i got to see his presneeze face quite a few times, and then one time it got stuck and his breath was hitching and his eyes were kinda closing and his nostrils were flaring for a good minute, then finally he let loose with, "HWAATCHAah!" i totally with i would have had a video camera with me, lol.

i no it wzn't really my best obs lol, so sorry.

SweetP :yes:

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I would die of joy if I ran into a guy who could make himself sneeze with a reliable external trigger like that . . . there's something kind of . . . I don't know . . . um . . . undignified about sticking things up one's nose to induce sneezing :yes: I'm probably in the minority in thinking so, however!

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Who doesn't love a guy that can make himself sneeze like that? Sounds like a great obs to me! I have a friend that can make himself sneeze by pinching the bridge of his nose, and he keeps teasing me that he can't wait to do it in front of me soon! I think this was a really cute ob! And funny how even though it made his nose hurt, he kept doing it for you!

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that is a great ob i would have would have went crazy seeing someone who would keep sneezing like that especially that he could make himself sneeze

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