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Just a quick doodle (M/M)


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This was inspired by a RP with Umeko (I still want to continue it, Umi, you can't aviod me forever! :o )

These guys are vampires, and they both suffer from terrible allergies :blink: The one doing the sneezing here is Sheiou, my character. He's actually supposed to have fair hair, but I changed it into dark because...BECAUSE. It looks better in the picture :unsure:

And no, I have no idea where Sheiou's other arm is :nohappy:

Aaaanyway, here goes:


Hope you enjoy!

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Wee, that's so hot! :blink: Sexy vampires with allergies....... :o What're they allergic to? :nohappy:

You're welcome to draw the other guy anytime! :unsure:

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Awww, thanks Hon :unsure:

What're they allergic to? :blink:

Practically everything :o Sheiou is sneezing from feather allergy here (there's a pigeon just outside the bedroom window) but he's also allergic to strong perfumes and cats.

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Hnnnggh....:o Sneezing into his FIST! :blink: Oh man, that's one of my favorite "covers" EVER! He reminds me a bit of a dark haired bastard that I know verrrrrrrrry well as of late. SO freakin' hot!!!


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Damn, that is some fine work right there! Hot and just perfectly captured! Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. Nothing wrong with sneezy vampires. In fact, I read an erotic story once that involved a vampire with a sensitive nose, and that was one of my favorite stories! Thanks for reminding me of that! :twisted:

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:wacko: Thank you all for your kind words. I was very nervous to start posting my sneezy art on the forum, so I'm really, really happy you enjoy it.

If people like my art, maybe I should start taking requests? No. Wait. That's not a very good idea, is it? :twisted::blushing:

Nah, I think I can handle ungrateful requesters... and I won't have to worry about people stealing my work, 'cause I'm far from THAT good. :omg: After all, I really want to contribute more to this community.

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Guest UncommonCold

*jaw drops* That was hot!! They look really gorgeous together. I love the fair-haired one's facial expression. It looks like he's about to do something fun.

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I did not know you drew these two O.O you miss so much when you move


mums filibabba!

jatte mumsiga lacker bitar

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yummmmm!!!!! And as for his other hand, I think our imaginations pretty much already fill us in on that one. :unsure: haha

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Eet sex-ay long-haired male YOOMINS and one SNEEZEZ?!?! And dey VAMPIRES!!???


LOVE AND ADORATION. Prettybeautyhappyjoycandy. NOM NOM NOM.


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;) This is so awesome! I love the expression on both of their faces! Sheiou's sneeze looks so real and the patiently waiting, loving expression on the other character's face is just... :blink:

Your RP must be hot! ^^

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