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wet and miserable , plus an extra one


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so there's this guy in my first hour, and bc i'm kinda tired in this hour i'm kinda zonked out or w/e which makes me kinda ditsy, lol, so one of my guy friends who's pretty good looking, athletic, blue eyes, stuff like that, was teasing me and stuff bc i said something stupid, but so was the whole class. lol, but i didn't care. so ne ways i'm writing down answers to this test i'm gonna hav to take when all of a sudden i hear this kinda half stifled, "hapsYOO!" it was really wet and miserable sounding, which is how his sneezes always sound. i turned around quickly just to watch him take in a breath and pinch his nose before letting go with another, "HapSHYOO!" he's really not a good stifler in my opinion, lol. a few minutes later he let out a groan (which i love!) and he was like, "oh God." i turned to him and asked, "what's the matter with you?" "me? oh, my allergies." he replied. "that's what you get for calling me stupid." he laughed and was like, "well i only called you stupid bc you are!" and then we got into this mini argument which was just for laughs.

next was this kid in the next hour, who i don't like cuz he's an ass to me, and doesn't like me cuz i'm bitchy to him. so anyways he exploded with this loud, "HAAKSHOO!" kinda sounding sneeze, and i was like, "Bless you!" he didn't give a reply so i was like kinda snappishly, "your welcome!" and the class laughed, the kid glared at me and i flipped him off which made me feel much better. :lol:

SweetP :nohappy:

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Very nice obs. Even guys who are jerks still need to sneeze, right? :D Thanks for sharing. :cry:

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yep. all jerks need to sneeze...

and your poor friend who can't stifle. there's something about those unstifled attempts...hehe... :innocent:

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