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Vayne Solidor


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ok, so this is my first ever artwork post and i hope you enjoy...*HIDES UNDER COVERS*




*POKES HEAD OUT* i guess i should give a bit of background, this is Vayne Solidor from Final Fantasy XII. He has been the object of some truly lovely fanfic lately drool.gif , by both Aku and Doji, and something about the handsome gentleman compelled me to sketch him. So, here he is, at the mercy of a sniffle that he just cannot overcome. I just happend to catch him wiping his aristocratic nose, and thought you all should see. aaevil.gif


*edited because my computer is a peice of plexiglass held together with duct tape incapable of simple addition at the moment*


*edited by me to stick the image in the post, since Chui's dial up is an arse!*

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Okay, now both Iffer and I TOTALLY FREAKIN' FLAILED over this, but I figured I HAD to do it publically, because.....YES.

This is such a huge, HUGE VAT OF WRONG!!! :unsure: :unsure: It's gorgeous and amazing and DROOL WORTHY!! *FANGIRLS UPON!* Hehehee, curling of fingers is like....SUCH MY THING!!! JFLSKDJFDSFLKJDSF!!!!

*settles the hell down*

........ :cry:

*jumps around like a MORON again!*

Jeezus, and I am so insanely jealous of your hand anatomy.....:D

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Whoa! :D You're REALLY good at drawing hands!

Heehee, this is such a cute picture, thank you for sharing! :cry:

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Whoa! :laugh: You're REALLY good at drawing hands!

Heehee, this is such a cute picture, thank you for sharing! :rolleyes:

:laugh: thank you so much!!

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Guest iffthelurker


I agree 100% with everyone who was drooling over your excellent hand anatomy. And sniffling...FJDkFJDLKSFJKLDSJFLDSJL This is HAWT!!!!

Thank you SO MUCH for sharing!!!!

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wowo. WOWO.

Holy Hell! Holy HOT Hell! :twisted:

Thats. That....guuhhggleeeh....*swallow*......

um... :blushing: the nose under the finger....i mean....guweh? :wacko: See what youve done to me!? :lol:

On a more artistic note;

The hand is frigging awesome. You've got it ALL RIGHT. :omg:

and the everything else? Awesome. :omg:

Just. awesome.

to say it in the most lame way ever? WELL DONE. :hug:

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OMG girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *insert-googly-eyed-face here*

Lemme get this straight....you write SO WELL that you make me like Cloud-----AND you can draw????!!!!?!?!?! XD

I expect to see MORE of BOTH from you!!!! (please?? pretty pretty please??) Because HELLO, you're awesome!!! :blushing:

Thank you so much for sharing! :hugs:


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is utterly flabbergasted at how nice you all have been!!


ok...deep breath....

thank you so much Doji....


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