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"The Thing on the Beach" (F)


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"Captain, we've, uh, got a bit of a situation here!" exclaimed the lieutenant.

"What's so important that it can't wait until 8am?" Captain Lurm Flortmun replied.

"Just look out the window!!"

Captain Flortmun groggily got out of bed and opened the curtains of the window that the lieutenant shakily pointed to. He looked in horror, and

fascination at the creature who was tied up on the beach. He had only heard of stories that such creatures existed, and now one of them is

within a few hundred yards of him.

"Take me to it right away!"

He and the lieutenant ran to the beach and stopped just in front of the thing that was now towering 100 feet above him. The "creature" was actually a beautiful

woman from the land of Grenibul. She was in a kneeling position with her hands tied behind her back. Her hair was damp and her clothes were in tatters. She

was still unconscious, but she was breathing normally.

"Why in the world you didn't wake me earlier!!!" Screamed the Captain.

"We thought we could handle it ourselves." replied the lieutenant weakly.

"Didn't you realize that tying her up like that might not be such a good idea?"

"What do you mean?" asked the lieutenant.

Just then, the Grenbulian started to wake up. She opened her eyes slowly at first, then they opened fully in horror. She started to scream."WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME! WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS TREATMENT!"

Her voice boomed throughout the land. Trees shook and branches fell. You could hear some windows breaking in the distance. The soldiers around the

Grenbulian were covering their ears in pain. The captain waved his arms in front of the the woman to try to get her attention

"Don't be frightened, we'll untie you right away! My soldiers have never seen a Grenbulian before and were a little cautious."

She looked at the man waving his arms and saw that he was trying to talk. She bent her body down as far as she could, so that she could try to hear what

the little man was saying.

"Please repeat what you said, sir, I couldn't hear a thing!." she said in a much quieter tone.

"I just said we'll untie you this instant! Sorry to scare you!" the Captain said to the Grenbulian.

"Now untie her!!" he barked to his soldiers.

The Grenbulian gave a relived smile and started to relax.

"Thank you sir, I guess It would be a bit startling to see a person of my size. We usually don't venture off to these parts for that very reason. Unfortunately, my ship hit a storm and I was brought here by the waves. I will fix my boat and get on my way as soon as possible!."

"No need to rush," exclaimed the Captain. " Take your time, we'll make sure you're well fed and taken care of as best as we can. We'll help you repair your ship and fix your clothes for you."

"Thank you!" she replied, with a big smille.

She bent down to give the Captain a little kiss. Just then a little bird flying by got caught in an inhale and was sucked up into the Grenbulian's large nose.

At first, it just tickled, but then the tickle grew into the beginning of a sneeze.

"Uh, everybody, please try to untie me as soon as possible, I'm gonna need my hands soon."

"Hurry up everyone, the lady is uncomfortable!" yelled the Captain.

"It's not ..uh..that..ahh....."

Fear griped the Captain. He could tell this was not going to be a good thing if she couldn't cover her mouth or move.

"Quickly! Quickly! Cut her ropes as fast as you can!!"

The men tried to cut and slice the ropes off, but the Grenbulian took in a deep breath.


The breath shook everyone off her and sent them flying to the ground.

"Oh no!..ahhhhhhh....please run....ahhhhhh...away......"

"Sound the alarm!!" cried the Captain, "She's gonna blow!!"

The Grenbulian's tried to hold back her sneeze, but without her hands she couldn't stop it for long.


The sand of the beach was being whipped up and blowing everywhere. Trees close to the Grenbulian were already swaying frantically and animals were

running for cover. Houses over a mile a way were creaking due to the wind.



The wind was now howling at hurricane strength. Trees and plants close to the woman were being uprooted. Windows were starting to buckle. The water tower was swaying and about to collapse. The townsfolk were all huddled down and scared.




The sneeze exploded out of her nose and mouth with a force of 2 hurricanes. Trees, plants and other wildlife that were close to her were blown over 2 miles away. Houses were riped from their foundations. People were blown around as if they were pieces of paper. The force of the sneeze caused the ropes tied to the Grenbulian to shatter and she was free from the bonds.

"SNIFF, I'm so sorry! Is everyone alright?"

The Captain, who was standing behind her when she sneezed, got up and tapped her on the foot.

"I hope so, We've been in hurricanes before, so we'll survive. This wasn't your fault anyway."

"Oh lieutenant?" asked the Captain.

"Uh.. Yes sir?" replied the lieutenant.

"Since it was you who decided to tie up our little wind making machine, it is you who will be blamed for all this mess, got it?"

"Yes sir..."

And so the lieutenant and his subordinates began the big clean up to restore the town to its former self.

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