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Me and the weather girl, My favorite story.

Guest Largo

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Guest Largo

I'm not sure if I'm posting this on the right board or not but hopefully I am.

This story starts off back when I was a freshman in high school. My first crush wasn't on one of my classmates but instead on the woman who did the weather for our local station channel 4. Back in these days they didn't have meteorologist, they just put a pretty girl on TV to tell you what was going to happen with the weather tomorrow. They didn't need to know what a cumulus cloud was all they had to do was look beautiful, well Susan M. did just that :unsure: . She was in her mid 20's and had blonda hair and blue eye's but the thing I loved about her the most was her big beautiful nose :blushing: . I can't begin to tell you how many times I watched and wished that she would sneeze on the air, sadly to say this never happend :cry:

Fast forward eight years later and I was working as a trainer at a local health club. One day I walked into my office to meet my new client when my heart stopped. Sitting there in the chair across from my desk she sat the woman of my freshman fantasies :unsure: . As we talked and I did my Inital health assessment, asking her if she had any orthopedic problems and such. As I looked down my check list I couldn't wait to ask her this one special question "do you have any allergies?" I said nervously. She just looked right back into my eye's with those beautiful blue eye's I had seen so many time before looking back at me through my TV screen and said "I have really terrible seasonal allergies". I think I just sat there frozen for a second not believeing what I had just heard, my prayers had been answerd. we went out on the fitness floor while making small talk. I took her through a warm-up and stretching but when we got to the double chest machine all my prayers were answerd. As she sat on the machine I began to explane the proper and safe way to use it when suddenly she stuck her right hand out towards me as if to say hold on a second as her face took on an almost sleepy like expression. She slowly raised her left hand up placing her index and middle finger under her nose. I couldn't believe what I was seeing going on before me was she really going to sneeze, I just watched and hoped. Her breath hitched once and then a second time, the whole time she kepted her right had out infront of her while the other remained resting against the underside of her nose. Her eye's flutterd a little and then finally "hashooow!" :unsure: . It was only a single and even though I wished for more I was so thankful for that one sneeze. She excused herself with a slight look of embarresment on her face and I blessed her trying to act like it didn't just rock my world.

I started personally training her and after a month I finally got up the nerve to ask her out and much to my surprise she said yes. She was 17 years my senior but I didn't care I was living a childhood fantasy. On our first date I took her to a resturant that was way out of my price range but nothing was good enough for the childhood dream girl. As our salads were presented to us the waiter asked if we wanted any fresh ground pepper :omg: we both said yes and I watched as he ground it over her plate. I could see a cloud from the mill float around above her plate and I hoped my payers would be answerd again. At first they weren't but on her third or fourth bite she suddenly put her salad fork down as she once again got her now famous sleepy expression. She placed her two fingers under her nose which I now figured must have been a habit of hers. Her breath hitched once as she now got a much more worried look like "o'h no not a sneeze". Her first sneeze came out stifled, like "eechoo" but soon after her breath shutterd and her true sneeze came out "hha, hashooow!"

On our third date she invited me over to watch TV. On my way over I stopped by a florist and picked up a single long stem rose. As I sat in my car infront of her house I tried to get up the nerve to lace her rose with a small dose of pepper I had swipped from my parents kitchen sadly I chickend out. I still believe that if I had known about this community back then and had not thought I was the only person to have such a fetish I might have gone through with the deed. We only dated 6 or 7 more times and sadly there were no more sneezes to be witnessd :D . To this day I think back on that time of my life with the greatest of feelings. A time in my life when my young adult dreams came true :D

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I just love this story :rolleyes:

I remember when you told me about this like a year ago.

I just love it when life has all of these crazy little twists and turns, it makes it like a fairy tale only a sneezy kind of fairy tale :laugh:

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