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Guest Winged Assassin

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Guest Winged Assassin

So one day I was sitting with a few boys and a girl (classmates) next to the window. Well, they started to fight since the boys thought it was hot and wanted to open the window while the girl thought it was too cold and wanted to close it.(As for me, the topic was of no importance...) At the end the boys were victorious and kept the window open... After a few minutes and after letting in some cold air, the girl actually sneezed! and then she told them "See?!SEE???!!" and the boys would reply "Sheesh, it's only a sneeze". :rolleyes: Hahaha, I wanted to laugh hard at that moment but I tried to stop myself from doing so... The situation was really funny, because the girl restarted the fight because she sneezed!

Kept on laughing on this for quite a few days...

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