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Another cute male obs at work


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So, yeah, this is my last week with Cute Cashier Scott. I won't ramble on about how sad this makes me, you can just read my blog if you really want to know. Anyway, we spent as much time as possible tonight chatting because he'll be gone as of this coming Sunday. I think I maybe have two to three more nights to work with him and then he departs.

We goofed around quite a bit, but then I was actually in the phone center hanging out with Bill, when Scott tapped on the window and motioned for me to come out. Bill made a joke about Scott being jealous, but it was a customer that I had worked with and had given a price on something to. Scott and Lisa (another cashier) were having problems ringing the item up, and asked me for help. I tried a few different things, and then said, "Well, why don't you just type in the sku number?" They were both like, "DUH!" :laugh: Scott started typing it into the register, when I first noticed a small change in his expression. It was so subtle, but I had a feeling there might be something good brewing in that remarkable looking nose of his.

There I was, totally staring at him. And while I stared, he sniffled a few times, and his nose turned a very nice shade of pink. His eyelids fluttered just a tiny bit, unnoticable to anyone but me. :rolleyes: It was kind of funny, because I knew he was about to sneeze before he even realized it. Lisa stepped in front of him, and he went to turn away, but I got one last, desperate look and a half smile from him right before it finally hit. He threw his arm over his nose, and sneezed into his elbow, sort of away from me and Lisa, "HAPT-SHHHHUUUUU!" It was kind of wet, and a tad more forceful than the last few I've seen from him. And then, of course, I said loudly, "Bless you Scott!" And do you know what he did? He grinned and laughed! Lisa also said, "Bless you." But, Scott and I were too busy laughing at what he just did and poor Lisa looked dumbfounded. He he he.

Then I walked over toward shim,a nd said in a low voice, "Damn, that was hot." He kept laughing, and sniffling, which was cute. Then, we walked away from Lisa and joked around about the fetish a little. He asked a few questions about sound vs. sight and stuff. Then he said to me, "Yeah, I've sneezed like, five times tonight." And I said, "Where the hell was I?" He laughed and said that they were mostly when I was busy or away form the desk. But, I did at least thank him for the one. He said he definitely didn't expect that one, never felt it coming. I kind of giggled inside my head because I had felt that one coming!

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:laugh: oh my...eyelids...nose turning pink...*i am a puddle on the floor*

thank you so much for sharing!!

too bad he's leaving :laugh:

i hope you have a few more wonderful nights!! :rolleyes:

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That's a funny thing . . . the fetishist's "sneeze radar." I can usually tell when someone is going to sneeze substantially in advance of them realizing it themselves.

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I love what you said about knowing he was going to sneeze before he even knew! That was a fantastic obs-I'm going to miss Scott obs!

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I love it babe! I just love reading your obs and the little SF talk after it happened...how cute is that!!

Super DUPER sexy! Thanks so much for sharing doll!!!


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Awe! I'm going to miss Scott obs too!! He was always good for a couple cute sneezes.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again ... I think it's awesome how open you are about telling people about the fetish! That is so cool (and kinda hot) that you and Scott had this little inside joke going on between you two!

Thanks for sharing, babe!

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