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Self-obs (m)


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I had a middle-sized (for me) sneezing fit as I sat down to log in this evening. In the rush to get my hanky out in time, I managed to unfold it to quarter size but it slipped a little and I kind of sneezed over the top of it into my hands. That wasn't too messy because it was a mouth sneeze (see 'nose or mouth' thread in general discussion), and I had time to recover the handkerchief before the second sneeze (I rarely sneeze only once). Then I had time to unfold the hanky (a rather sickly shade of green - not from overuse, I hasten to add) before #3, which was a 'balanced' (nose and mouth) sneeze. After the fourth (also balanced), I extended it into a wettish blow, and as the next was the last, I followed it up with a fuller blow.

I've had quite a few of these fits recently - allergy-related, as the pollen has been higher than usual in this neck of the woods.

Clean hanky tomorrow! Enjoy if you can.


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Bless you! Great obs; sneezing into a handkerchief is one of life's simple pleasures. I especially liked the way you described your sneezes and the hanky techniques used. It's always good to have another hanky user on the Forum: welcome aboard!

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