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Professor said what?!?


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ok...so i was sitting in seminar today...one of those weekly hour long talks we have in my department...and this talk was related to research that i have personally looked into, so my boss was there and was kinda keeping an eye on me to make sure i was being the good mad scientist :laugh:

well, one of the guys right behind me decided to unleash the loudest, most desperate sounding wrong i have ever heard...i positively froze in my seat...


now, i might could have survived that, but a cute guy a few rows ahead of me, and off to the side was my undoing...he did a quick double, now he had been sitting with his arms folded, and only managed to get his hand up just in time....the first sneeze was a clear "eh-dchu"and it made him rock forward just a little bit, but then his eyes started to flutter and his upper lip curled ever so slightly... :blushing::cryhappy::drool: i was hoping...just hoping for another...and i was not dissapointed..."E-dghu" this one equally quiet, but apparently very powerful as he rocked all the way forward and had to uncross his legs with the force behind it... :drool::drool::drool: right about then i believe the wooden chair i was sitting in incinerated!! definate flamage!!!

and of course just then...when i was dribbling off the seat into a big fleshy puddle of goo, my boss looks over at me and is grinning a lot....and my first thought, was "does she know?" i mean i didnt think i was that obvious, and not that i really care anyway...but still...when i noticed what the professor was speaking of was directly related to my work.... :blushing: and of course, right after i looked at her... "h'shuuu" nice long hissing exhale after, and she would have the audacity to wiggle her nose like i dream of jeannie.... now, im not big into female sneezes, but it was really cute....

now, i was having to take deep breaths to control myself here..as i wanted to run screaming from the room... :blink: when one of the guys way farther up front let loose two really forceful wet sneezes...not my kinda sound, and in fact, its probably what kept me from having to walk out... "h'ch.....he-cshuu" so, once again cooled off..and attempting to listen to the speaker, i make the ultimate mistake of looking over at the guy with the doubles...

no...he couldnt be about to... :wacko: not again....i just cant take anymore...

"e'dchu....e'dchu.....e'dchu" three amazingly identical soft sneezes...:drool: each one rocking forward and sneezing into one hand, :drool: fingers delictely curled.... :dead: oh but how lucky i was to be able to see that!!!

well, im still trying to reform myself from the exquisite torture that was seminar this week...as i have spontaneously combusted from the effort of holding that in....cant wait for the next one...

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So intense; and beautifully written.

Ah, the moment when you know that if anyone else sneezes you're going to explode with lust.

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I honestly have NO IDEA how you keep your sanity in a place like that. I'd jump on top of my desk and yell, "OMFG STOP IT NOW, ALL OF YOU!!!!" :winkkiss:

VERY hot and JFSLDKJFDS, would have loved to been a fly on the wall! *tee hee!*

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I honestly have NO IDEA how you keep your sanity in a place like that. I'd jump on top of my desk and yell, "OMFG STOP IT NOW, ALL OF YOU!!!!" :lol:

VERY hot and JFSLDKJFDS, would have loved to been a fly on the wall! *tee hee!*

sanity? what is this thing of which you speak??? is it a type of all-natural organic butter?? if so, i must try it. :winkkiss:

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Gah, I would've totally lost it! Good job keeping yourself together! And that first one you mentioned, one of my FAVORITE sounds! Yummy!

I kind of know what you mean, when I got into work last night, I'm not sure if it was the flowers, dust, or sunlight, but I heard all kinds of wrogn going on around me, even though I couldn't pinpoint where they all came from. And nothing zaps my concentration like a bunch of sneezy people! So, it must be very diffiuclt for you sometimes. You are one lucky woman! :D Thanks for sharing with us, too!

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ok- I would have DIED. The second guy especially that just would have made things TOO hard to think.

Very, Very nicely written obs.

Although- I did have to laugh just a little about you wondering (even just for a sec) about someone else "knowing"- just because of you being a "convert". I just found that really very cute. :laugh:

Anyway... nough ramblage- thanks for sharing. ^_^

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