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The Stifler Strikes Again (m)


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Two obs in one month? You guys sure are lucky-I never write obs!

Alright, so for background information, you'll have to skim over this one if you haven't already:

First J Obs

Have you ever known someone who had a major sneeze drought and then after they finally sneezed, they began to do it every day after that?

Well, as it says in my other obs, this kid J had gone the entire semester without sneezing once. He finally did, a stifle, and I told myself I was now satisfied. I didn't need him to do it again. Besides, I only had four more classes with him, so the chances of him doing it again were slim.

I was wrong! Math class yesterday was a-m-a-z-i-n-g. I was totally caught off-guard with this one. J was wearing this white and maroon jacket that I've seen him wear before. He didn't look as cute as last time, but he still did look scrumptious and his hat was off again, so that was good. He even spoke to me today since he wasn't in class on Tuesday (big shocker there). It was hilarious because he kept looking back at me out of the corner of his eye as if he wanted to turn around and say something, but it took him about thirty seconds to finally turn around. Lol. Hon, don't think I didn't notice that.

Anyway, he was pretty quiet throughout class with little to no sniffs or coughs. But I was busy writing something down or at least looking at my notebook when he suddenly sneezed! Woopee! It was another stifle, but he didn't fully succeed with this one. Yes! Some air escaped and it was really cute. I don't think for the life of me that I could come up with a sound for that one. For some reason, I wasn't too excited the moment it happened, I guess since I had no time to GET excited, but a few seconds after that, I started to feel myself grinning and making faces. I thought I was one lucky lady for getting to witness another sneeze from him.

The girl in front of him blessed him and he said, "Thanks" and then cleared his throat and coughed. I made sure to pay attention now. Sure enough, no more than ten seconds had passed when he did it again! Sweet Jesus! This one was a purely successful stifle-I watched him lean back before it and prepare, bringing his hand up to his face (I still don't think I heard a gasp) and then stifle VERY CAREFULLY. The care he took to make sure this one was less noticeable was quite amusing. A faint "mmp" was all that came out. It was so quiet that no one blessed him. Following his second sneeze were oodles of wet sniffles-ones that sounded like cold sniffles even though I'm positive he's perfectly healthy. He must have had bad allergies today. He kept sniffling and subtly wiping his hand back and forth across his nose, obviously frustrated. It was absolutely wonderful.

Thank you, J, for making my day! That was even better than the first time!

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oh wow...we are so lucky....that was BEAUTIFULLY written, absolutely wonderful read!!! thank you for sharing, and i hope you get to hear at least another of the yummy sneezes before classes are through... :winkkiss:

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Thanks so much for keeping us updated about "J" - The Stifler! Please feel free to let us know about any more of his

mini explosions! :winkkiss:

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Mmmmm, very nice! Too bad school's almost out, huh? At least you got a couple from him!! Thanks!

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AHHH I love it!!!!

And honey, this was the story of my life:

"Have you ever known someone who had a major sneeze drought and then after they finally sneezed, they began to do it every day after that?"

After said mental block went away, I seriously get an ob from M at least a couple everyday....

I love the obs, thank you so much for posting!!!!

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