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Cloud and Loz


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rolleyes.gif ok, so these are my boys...my two wonderful muses wink_kiss.gif both from FFVII: Advent Children and as they have utterly misbehaved all day, i thought i would give them a bit of payback...fully realizing i shall probably be strangled in my sleep for this! laughing.gif

its not my fault Loz has a bit of a cold, and Cloud cannot bear to hear him sneeze one more time... innocent.gif after all, i didnt hide his medicine innocent.gif


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Nhghhnn... GHAAAA! YOUR HANDS WOMAN! :winkkiss::lol: They are simply perfect! And Cloud having his fingers curled up under Loz nose like that... SO HOT!

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Dude, do you still need to borrow His Majesty to keep the boys away? :lol: You know how much I freakin' ADORE this picture!! :D :D Cloud's an evil little bastard, holy crap. And of course, I must say....HOLY CRAP, JEALOUS of your hand anatomy! :omg:

Wonderful art, my sexy and talented kata partner!


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Wotthefok those HANDS!! :D

enough to send me into babbling drooling stupidity :D

Dude, you rock. Really, those pictures.....grruuurrglleee... :omg:

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enough to send me into babbling drooling stupidity :drool:


thats like the awesomest comment ever...

aww...thank you guys so much...im really glad you liked.

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