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Okay, so I haven't posted about M for a lil bit, but this one can't get passed.

So, I am sitting on the computer trying to work on my paper that is due this week and M is throwing a chuck roast in the crock pot. He is standing in the kitchen of our apartment, next to the stove, and I hear his build-up, so I flip around in my chair to watch him. I fully witness this huge "hehhhhh....heeeattchhoooooo". I blessed him and flipped around to the comp. screen again, and about two seconds later I hear the build-up again, which of course makes my head do a 180 again to witness the second "hehhh-ATTTCHHOOO" in his morning double.


I NEVER get to see doubles out of M!!! Okay, gittiness.

I blessed him again and got back to my paper...after being so abruptly disrupted.

A few minutes passed and I was still trying to work on this paper...which is turning into a miserable failure, and I hear it again. The build-up, so I turn to see M, bent over by the trash can peeling carrots as he throws his body to the right as he is overcome by a third heeeehhhhATTTCHOOOoo. :D What the heck is going on...this is not normal! I blessed him again and now I am asking if he is okay because this is seriosly maybe been 5 minutes.

So, he comes over by me to get a kleenex to blow his nose. I am now just looking like an idiot because I keep asking what is wrong and if he wants to take some allergy medicine. Am I seriously saying this???? M says no and just as he stolls back into the kitchen, I see him brace the sink as he sneezes a FOURTH time uncovered towards the floor. This big, wet, desperate "HHHEHH..HHEEEHH..HEEAATTTCHOOOO" :hug: I quit. I just dumbfoundedly quit. I cant do this paper with him sneezing four times in ten minutes!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Seriously.


A very happy/frusterated/confused/stressed/too-much-to-do-today Blnde (whose man is making life somewhat more challenging by doing nothing wrong what-so-ever) :lol:

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The sneezing sounds incredibly sexy, even though I have to admit that people sneezing uncovered in kitchens absolutely freaks me out. It's such a great way to get food poisoning. If you do get it, though, sounds like it will have been worthwhile! :)

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WOW! You are one lucky person, I wish I could get a boyfriend who sneezes that much. I'm happy for you and jealous. I know that you SO doesn't usually sneeze that often (because you said that, of course) but still I i'm happy for you.

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Oh, M obs, how I love thee ... Thanks, babe! It's been a while since we heard such a juicy obs from your boy toy, but it was so worth the wait! Thanks for sharing!

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Seriously awesome observation! Good thing he doesn't have that mental block anymore, right? How nice that you got to hear the build-ups, and then witness four wonderful sneezes from him. Yumminess!

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Ahhhh I got three more today. About a half hour after I posted the obs, M and I went outside out apartment to take in some fresh air and just as we walked back into the apartment, I was able to observe another lovely sneeze from my sweetie.

Later on in the day, I was able to get a sneeze right after dinner as we were sitting on the couch relaxing and then in the bedroom as he was giving me a body massage *to relieve the stress I am under with this huge paper*. That was the most opportune time to sneeze---me naked and indulging in a body rub and bearing witness to a gorgeous sneeze! Ahhh....makes the finals a little easier to take in.

And Liricospinto, hahahah, that is funny that you mentioned that part about the germs bc when he sneezed the double, I made him go wash his hands. Not that I am all crazy germaphobie or anything, just habit from watching my neighbors snotty-icky child....force of habit, but for this instance, he didnt sneeze around any food *that I was aware of* it was already in the crock pot!

Lalena...where have you been love, I have oodles of M stories!!!!!!!!!! :)

And yes, I am in adoration of the *missing* mental block. Coyotesara 21, I have waited patiently for a few years for him to break through this mental block, so please dont be jelous, its like winning scratch and win lotto tickets...try and try and wait and wait to finally win the lotto and I was dang near spent before M finally broke free of this. It was like winning the un-win-able lottery.

ah mental block.....I shudder at those words......mainly bc I am frightened to death it could come back....oooooooo.

*can you tell its been a long night of coursework????*

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what a wonderful way to be distracted from working though....

glad you had a sneeze filled day! thanks for sharing!

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